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The Honda ADV350 is available in Taiwan Province and costs about 68,595 yuan
Release date:2022.07.07

Honda in the introduction of crossover pedal ancestor X-ADV 750 after, in recent years have launched the entry model ADV150 (has been upgraded to ADV160) and small and medium displacement ADV350; As the crossover line continues to grow, Honda is expanding it to more international markets.

Honda recently unveiled the 2022 ADV350 in China's Taiwan Province, with a starting price of NT $305,000 for the crossover pedal. The new car comes in standard and RoadSync, which includes HSVCS smartphone voice control.

The 350 is powered by a 330cc eSP+ SOHC engine that delivers 29.4 HP@7 500rpm maximum power and 31.5N·m@5,250rpm maximum torque, with Honda HSTC tracking system and ESS to improve overall safety.


The crossover ADV350 looks similar to the X-ADV, which is already available in the mainland, and is equipped in Honda's traditional way, with an inverted front fork and a double rear suspension with a bottle hanging gun. NISSIN's two-piston calipers are used for the front brake and single-piston calipers for the rear brake.

The most notable design aspect of the car is that the adventure-style pedals have 48L of bucket space that can accommodate two full helmets, which is plenty of room for a fun-focused car.

Honda'S ADV350 is available in Taiwan province in textured silver and matte gray.

At present, Honda's pedal models sold in China are the first crossover X-ADV 750, and the introduction of PCX160 and NSS350 in recent years; With its continuous expansion of offline stores in China in recent years, it is expected to introduce more new cars in the future.

As Honda continues to push the ADV350 into more regional and international markets, there is a chance that the crossover style ADV350 will enter the mainland market.

With the same platform NSS350 mainland price of 55500 yuan, we think this ADV350 if listed in the mainland, the price will be how much?