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How to choose 300~350cc pedal?
Release date:2022.07.07

The domestic pedal market in these two years, like other car series, gradually hot up, major manufacturers also began to launch new cars in this field or to upgrade the original car; Today, let's talk about the current 300~ 400CC level of motion pedal, see how you will choose ~

Wuji SR4max 39888 yuan

At the beginning of this year, Longxin took the lead in launching the new large pedal non-polar SR4max. One of the highlights of this new car is that it carries the POWER platform of BMW. The SR4max, which focuses on luxury routes, also focuses on electronic auxiliary riding configuration.

The actual 350cc engine provides a maximum power of 21.3kW/7500rpm and a maximum torque of 30N·m; Other features include a 7-inch TFT LCD meter, ESS emergency brake blaster, dashcam, and space for one full helmet + one half.

Some time ago, Longxin also launched a 5-year / 80,000km warranty service for this big pedal.


QJ Fort 350 36,999 dollars

Last month qianjiang also officially unveiled its first big pedal, the Fort 350, which is also a mainstream sport design. The same 350cc engine, but with a much higher power figure, delivers 25.2kW and 35N·m of torque.

The car is equipped with BYBRE calipers + Continental ABS, TFT screen projection meter, electric windshield, tire pressure monitoring, driving data recorder and NFC key. 14 l tank. The new car barrel can also hold a full helmet + a half helmet.

It is a pity that the big pedal of Muqianjiang is not equipped with TCS. The Fort 350 was only opened for pre-sale before, and the subsequent configuration or price may be adjusted.

Sheng Shi 350D 28800 yuan

Shen Shi this pedal has been upgraded and updated this year, the displacement increased to 349CC, the power data improved a lot, the maximum power is 27kW, the maximum torque is 38N·m, this aspect is more prominent than many models of the same level.

In terms of configuration, it also adopts mainstream TCS, dual-channel ABS, keyless control system, TFT full-color LCD meter, full-car LED lamp set and electric windshield, with fuel-saving sport dual mode, tire pressure monitoring and fuel tank capacity of 12L.

Unfortunately, there is only room for one full helmet.

Sanyang JoyMAXZ300 29800 yuan

Jiu Mei has not undergone a major update since the 2020 model, with the same 278cc engine providing 18.0kW / 8,000 RPM power and 24.0n.m / 6,500rpm torque. Standard ABS, keyless system.

Unfortunately, the instrument has not been updated, is still a double ring mechanical pointer +VA color screen instrument; The bucket space can also put a full helmet + a half helmet. Tank capacity is 12L.

Sanyang CRUISYM α 44,800 yuan

Launched earlier this year, Sanyang is an upgraded CRUISYM model with TCS traction control and a 278.3cc engine that delivers 20.1kW /7750rpm maximum power and 27.4n.m /6750rpm maximum torque.

Instrument and headlights are better than their own nine sister, LED instrument, double LED lens headlights; In addition, it also maintains the practical bucket space design, which can put two full helmets. Bosch ABS for braking.

There is also a keyless start system, a five-stage adjustable rear shock absorber and a 12L fuel tank.

CT300 ABS version of Gwangyang Rowing boat 29980 yuan

At present, the rowing 300 is updated in 2019. This model has been upgraded to double LED lens lamp group with ABS headlights as standard before. Although the instrument is upgraded, it is not so capable compared with the current screen projection TFT instrument.

The car is equipped with a 276cc engine based on the expanded CT250 platform, with a maximum power of 17.8kW and a maximum torque of 22.4N·m. The braking system was upgraded from CBS to Bosch 10 generation dual channel ABS, and tire pressure monitoring was added.

Gwangyang rowing S350 38800 yuan

At present, only the TCS version is displayed on the official website, and the original standard version, which was 2000 yuan cheaper, has disappeared. The pedal is powered by a 321cc engine with a maximum power of 21.2kW and maximum torque of 29.5N·m.

The characteristics of the car also has a strong rigidity of the double embrace type frame, configuration is without key system, double channel BS, TFT LCD instrument, the whole car LED light source, the barrel space is also a full helmet + a half helmet. Dual channel multi - segment adjustable rear shock absorber.

Yamaha XMAX 300 49,800 yuan

Yamaha this sports pedal to trade in the form of the introduction, 49800 yuan than before the price reduced a lot. The XMAX 300 is equipped with a 292cc engine with a maximum power of 20.6kW and a maximum torque of 29N·m.

It is equipped with TCS tracking system, keyless start system, double channel ABS, whole vehicle LED light set, and the space of the bucket is mainly practical, which can accommodate two full helmets. Unfortunately, the rear suspension is not adjustable, and the dual-disc pointer meter and manually adjustable windshield are almost meaningless.

Honda NSS350 55,500 yuan


Honda's pedal started at 53, 000 yuan and now costs 55, 500 yuan. The NSS 350 is powered by a 330cc engine that delivers 21.5kW of maximum power and 31.8N·m of maximum torque.

Dual-aisle ABS, keyless start system, HSTC traction system, electric windshield, Hitachi calipers for the pedals, and class 5 pre-load adjustable rear damping; There is also room for two full helmets and a tank capacity of 11.7L.

Unfortunately, the meter is a traditional dual dial pointer dial.

The above 300~ 350CC sports pedal models are only part of the models currently on sale in China. If there are any omissions, please add them. The price and configuration of these 300~350cc models are different. If you want to buy the sport pedal of this displacement level, what will you choose?