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Add HSTC, Honda releases new 160ADV
Release date:2022.07.07

Honda's entry-level model ADV150 has received an upgrade. The x-ADV crossover pedal has been updated with larger displacement and improved configuration, and the new car is named ADV160.

The main part of the new ADV160 is the engine previously reported. This crossover adopts the same platform 4-valve engine of PCX160, with maximum power of 11.8kW /8500rpm and maximum torque of 14.70N·m/6500rpm, and fuel consumption of around 2.3L per 100km.


Honda's entry-level car is also equipped with HSTC, a tracking system that has become increasingly difficult to track, and manufacturers have recently begun to pay more attention to the safety of small-displacement pedal models.

ADV160 suspension system is vertical front brake +SHOWA airbag double barrel rear suspension, brake system consists of front one-way double piston calipers, rear single piston calipers; The new car is still divided into ABS, CBS two versions.

Other features of the NEW ADV160 are the same as before: KEYLESS system, two-segment adjustable goggles, monochrome digital meters and ESS emergency brake warning. In addition, there are USB charging holes, 30L bucket space, seat height 780mm, car weight 133 kg, tank capacity 8.1L.

Honda ADV160 this time is to keep up with the pace of many other manufacturers of the update, in the domestic crossover style pedal gradually hot up, the two are also constantly introduced Honda of all kinds of new cars, I hope this entry level crossover pedal can also be arranged ~