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Your 10000 yuan, Kawasaki Z900 SE domestic listing
Release date:2022.07.07

Kawasaki released the new Z900 SE overseas last year, and after pushing its 50th anniversary series in the domestic market, today it finally released this stronger SE VERSION of Z900, available in two colors.

Z900 SE compared with ordinary models, the main difference is to upgrade the brake kit and suspension system, the new car uses Brembo disc brake and M4.32 radiation callipers with better braking effect; The rear suspension has been replaced with a manually adjustable Ohlins S46, which is a more convenient upgrade.

Another detailed change is the introduction of a more pleasing gold handstand front fork. These two parts of the SE version of the Z900 have been upgraded to a slightly higher price, 117,900 yuan more than the standard version of the new car by 10,000 yuan.


It is also worth noting that the maximum power and torque of the domestic Z900 SE, like the standard Z900, remain at the previous level of 117ps and 95N·m, instead of 92.2kW (125 PS) @9500rpm and 98.6N •m@ 7700 RPM.

Otherwise, the Z900 SE is the same as the standard version, with full-car LED lights, ABS, sliding clutches and Kawasaki's own KTRC traction control system. Unfortunately, the TFT meter was not optimized.

The new car is released with candy Kawasaki green and metal spark black two kinds of painting to choose from. These two versions of flowers are not very different, only the color of the frame and some details are a little different. If you do not look closely, you may feel that it will be the same color.

Kawasaki Z900 series models, in the past was the domestic and foreign manufacturers 100,000 yuan level models around the existence of the past; With more and more new cars entering the country, kawasaki's street car is not as famous as it used to be, but it is still a four-cylinder model with a very cost-effective 100,000 yuan level.

The release of the sport performance and safety performance of the Z900 SE version, although the price is a lot more expensive, but also let car friends more than a choice.