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How tall is he? Suitable for motorcycling
Release date:2022.07.14

The capacity of iPhone13 is embarrassing, 128gb is too small, 256gb is too large, if I had 185G, it would be just fine, just the same as my height!

Returning to the theme: First, a very important parameter of the card height is the sitting height, which is a parameter that every motorcycle has, all the people who sell cars or the Internet can look it up and easily search it directly.

So, how much height is appropriate for different sitting heights? For example, the Honda CM300 is 690mm tall and 150 is fine, the GSX250 is 790mm tall and 160 is fine, the Ducati V2 is 830mm and 170 is fine, and so on.

Second, what does it mean to be able to ride this seriously (seriously), as long as you get on the bike, the ladder is closed, one foot no matter how extended, can support to the ground, support the bike, even if you can ride, you may ask, is it better to ride on one foot than on two feet? Yes, but as long as one foot can stay on the ground, it is a qualified and regular cycling standard, personal advice, don't mind to stay on both feet (as long as you are willing to study hard and drive properly), don't miss your favorite bike.

Third, different car types of height requirements are different, just said the sitting height, not absolute reference value, such as scooter, the car looks small, but in fact, the cushion is wide, the leg is to open about first, and then down to touch the ground, it is more eat leg long. But retro cars, street cars, because the car and the seat are narrower, the legs directly down to the ground, the leg length requirements are lower. But then again, with a low center of gravity like the Vespa, it's easier to hold on one leg.

Fourth, all the above mentioned, still will not give you hate sky-high diagnosis, because, in fact, each car sitting height has a way to adjust, for example, I have seen less than 160 people riding GSX250.

Common adjustments are as follows:

1. Thin or thin cushion, more can be reduced by 4-5cm.

2. After changing the shock absorber, change the shock absorber of the short spring, and also reduce a few centimeters.

3. Change to an accessory called "dog bone", which is found in almost every car. It is the link rod between the shock absorber and the frame, which can be lowered by another 3-5 cm.

4. Change the wheel load or tire 1 inch smaller, this is not recommended, see clearly ah! This is not recommended, because the speed meter and the kilometer meter will be inaccurate, the speed will change.

5. Finally, change a pair of shoes, this does not say, you want to call this all unexpected... I......

Fifth, I also want to say, how high is good to ride a bike? I think this is very important, not fast riding handsome, handsome is really important. For height, the shorter the height, the better the cycling, whether retro or imitation race, are small physique cycling good.