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RR525 wind tunnel test completed! Wuji also "blowing" up
Release date:2022.07.14

Spring Breeze 450SR first order just handed in not long, Qianjiang new 550 sports car just appeared on the track, here the Wuji RR525 is coming again; Wuji officials today released some information about the new sports car RR525, highlighting that the new car has undergone a professional wind tunnel test.

Although the new RR525 is not the first sports car to undergo wind tunnel testing in China, Wuji has taken the wind tunnel testing to a new level. Unlike other manufacturers, the official did not take the new car to the test in the engineering prototype (phase 5), but in the mud prototype (phase 2) began the wind tunnel test.

Officials say the reason for doing this is to achieve optimal design solutions that combine smooth appearance with robust performance.


It is understood that in order to be able to get in the design of the optimal solution, the promise of bari joined China southeast wind tunnel center (one of the most professional transportation class wind tunnel laboratory in China) for the new RR525 have done many tests, the pneumatic test and environmental test was carried out by the industry for the first time of aerodynamics, acoustics and flow field visualization of a comprehensive test.

Unfortunately, The final test data and the revision process were not released, and the final design was not officially available.

From the information of the wuji RR525 sample car display, the most conspicuous feature of this sports car is the hidden design of the front wing, although it is somewhat similar to the RC401 design, but the Wuji seems to be a lot of atmosphere.

Other parts of the design as it is not the final shape but more discussion, when the official disclosure of more information to talk to you. At present, I want to make fun of the fact that after AC525, the name of the Wuji model began to be unique. RR525 does not read well

The engine is more important for the new WUXI RR525 sports car. At present, wuxi's existing KEL525 engine is mainly used in retro and adventure models. The 68x68 engine with cylinder diameter * stroke also pays more attention to torque performance.

If the new Wuji RR525 is equipped with the engine of this power platform, how will the official adjustment of this power platform be? I will report to you later.

In the previous spring breeze 450SR wind tunnel test, we said that this is a good news for the domestic motorcycle industry and car friends, as domestic manufacturers began to pay attention to the new car test this link, the follow-up is expected to continue to break through, to bring you more practical good things ~