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13580 yuan! Haojue new 150 cruise released, equipped with comprehensive upgrades
Release date:2022.07.14

Haojao released the upgraded version of the entry level cruise model --GZS150, the new car after a number of upgrades and optimization, the price remains at the previous 13,580 yuan, also can be regarded as a little sincerity to everyone.

The new GZS150 is the replacement of GZ150-E, the new car adopts a new generation of ESR150 engine, the maximum power and maximum torque are respectively 9.3KW, 12.7N·m; The power numbers haven't changed much, mainly to provide more economical gas mileage.

Officials have revealed that the entry-level cruise with a 12.4-liter fuel tank has a long range of 579km.

Another big upgrade of the new GZS150 in configuration, this 150 Cruise is equipped with LED headlights, LCD pointer type compound instrument; The brakes have also been upgraded to higher performance front and rear disc brakes, but not ABS.

In addition, Haojue also optimized many details of this entry-level model, added a double flash switch, USB charging port, and also widened anti-skid rear tire, lengthen widened rear fender; The new GZS150 is also much more thoughtful than before.

The side boxes and shelves of the new car have been optimized. The new shelves are more exquisite, and the side box capacity is increased by 50% (21LX2). The practicality and beauty of this part are relatively improved.

The new Haojue GZS150, while still not perfect, seems to have enough power for a 150; So at 13,580 yuan + Haojue's quality, is this entry-level cruise a good choice?