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Why are more and more middle-aged people taking motorcycle trips and fewer and fewer commuting bikes
Release date:2022.07.21

What brands and countries are associated with motorcycle culture?

Perhaps the first is the United States, the second is Japan, the United States Harley locomotive far-reaching influence, Japanese series of brand locomotives with a slightly lower price and good performance, also attracted a lot of motorcycle friends attention; But the country with the largest number of motorcycles is India, followed by China, Vietnam, Thailand, etc. Why are motorcycles not "cultured" in these countries? The reason is simple, because these motorcycles are by definition commuter vehicles.

Motorcycles as commuting tools are not ideal, "meat wrapped iron" shows that safety standards are low, can not shelter from wind and rain, internal combustion engines and exhaust pipe heat can "roast birds"... As mo brigade enthusiasts are also deep this kind of feeling. Therefore, the drivers who can only take motorcycles as commuting vehicles must have a car in their heart, as long as it can shelter from wind and rain, no matter what model is good; If the economy is booming at this time, then the next round of the main commuting tool will be upgraded to the car, this is an inevitable law.

Si Wei is a well-known motorcycle brand in Italy, once known as Italy's national treasure brand; However, with the development of The Italian economy, the final result of SVR is bankruptcy, and then there are no more well-known motorcycle brands, but the number of car ownership increased rapidly.

This is also the law in China. Since 2010 or so, the production and sales of automobiles began to grow in a spurt. Of course, this is necessarily related to the growth of domestic automobiles.

Now the domestic motor vehicle PARC exceeds 400 million, of which the car PARC is as high as 380 million! At this time, we should sigh at the speed and extent of the development and progress of the domestic automobile industry, and the results of economic development are also gratifying, but there is no feeling that the car is quite common.


Cars used to be the dream of many people, and it would be great to have a car to transport them; But with the gradual decline of the threshold of automobile consumption, as well as the continuous improvement of consumption ability, it is no longer difficult to buy a car, at this time the car will become "not fun". Therefore, the mentality of drivers will gradually change. Dream pursuit is actually a very interesting thing, and there will be unlimited enthusiasm and motivation in the process. So in the absence of dreams, life will become dull as water, at this time will think to find some hobbies.

Mechanical obsession is a natural trait for many men, and when cars are out of the question, the choice seems to be the motorcycle, or ATV or UTV. These bikes are different from ordinary motorcycles. They have cool design, powerful power, and the sound of the wind in your ears. The key point is that riding a motorcycle is technically demanding and risky.

However, this kind of risk is "self-seeking", which is different from the passive risk acceptance mentality, which can only choose motorcycle commuting. Passive acceptance will produce feelings of rejection, while active pursuit is to seek a kind of stimulation. This feeling can be exciting and make people feel satisfied after being stimulated, so there are extreme sports. Motorcycle riding is also a kind of sports close to extreme sports.

To sum up, the motorcycle as a vehicle in the stage of no culture, nor will be "infatuated"; The motorcycle is no longer the mainstream vehicle, but after gradually becoming a minority, the younger generation is crazy about it, which means that the motorcycle at this time has become different. Harley just exists, and the actual belt-driven, low-power, high-torque Harley is not only a mess, it's actually not great... But it's pretty, it's expensive, it's scarce, and Harley is the new favorite.

As for the current motorcycle brigade camp are mainly middle-aged, this phenomenon is easy to understand, high-end motorcycle price is not low, starting to tens of thousands of yuan; This is not a price that the struggling young can afford, but only middle-aged or elderly people who have achieved or are close to achieving time and financial freedom.

Therefore, the aging of high-end motorcycle drivers is an inevitable trend, while the average age of car drivers is also an inevitable trend, and motorcycles will eventually become "big toys".