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Fuel car? Electric car? The analysis of the old driver is in place!
Release date:2022.07.21

Traffic in fast-paced urban life is increasingly becoming an indispensable part of People's Daily travel. In congested cities, it is undoubtedly the best solution to choose a suitable two-wheeled vehicle with low price and good passability.

In recent years, electric cars have become more and more popular, leading to a debate about whether electric cars or motorcycles are more cost-effective. How should consumers choose? Listen to the old driver an analysis, finally understand...

In the first place in the contrast, only on demand for cars is in the range within 30 to 40 kilometers, if exceeded the mileage range, so compared with in terms of motorcycle electric cars may not be so strong competitiveness, after all, now range of storage battery car battery technology can only maintain in 30 to 40 kilometers, Of course, there are also battery replacement and charging services in some special areas, but such use conditions are still relatively harsh, so we still compare and consider from several objective levels.

First, economics

Generally speaking, the price of a conventional battery car on the market is about 2,000-3,000 yuan, while the price of a small pedal motorcycle in line with the national emission policy is much higher than this. Even ordinary four electric spray pedal motorcycle also need about six thousand yuan, and the price is a little more expensive need more than ten thousand yuan or so, compared to the price of motorcycle is really not cheap.

Just from the cost of buying a car, the cost of pedal motorcycle is about two to three times that of battery car, but the normal service life of the battery car is only three to four years, but the scrap life of the motorcycle is thirteen years, and many motorcycles are far more than this time. So from this point of view, electric car price advantage is not very big.

Second, use cost

If the commuters only commute to work every day, if we calculate the normal commuting distance of 40 kilometers every day, then one degree of electricity will probably be able to fill it. If we calculate the cost of one degree of electricity is 0.6 yuan, then the daily commuting cost is 60 yuan. Then we calculate the electric jet pedal motorcycle, now the common pedal motorcycle on the market their 100 km fuel consumption is about 2L, then (40÷100) ×2=0.8 liters, we then in accordance with the current oil price 92 gasoline 7.5 yuan per liter to calculate, then 7.5×0.8=6 yuan, that is, the daily commuting cost of 6 yuan.

In addition, the motorcycle also needs a driver's license and registration, which costs about 800 or 800 yuan, not counting the complicated time cost of registration and registration.

But storage battery itself also exist certain defects, charging time is slow and charging circuit laid the problem of hard, although some neighborhood now offer special storage battery charging, but as the phenomenon of the growing area of storage battery charging in line is particularly, combined with storage battery charging time is generally within five to eight hours, This will increase the waiting time for car users, which will bring some inconvenience in case of sudden need for temporary travel.


Third, security

Compared with the motorcycle, the author thinks that the battery car is safer, because after all, the speed of the motorcycle is fast, and the speed of the battery car is relatively low, so it is safer. In addition, the motorcycle belongs to the motor vehicle needs to walk in the motor vehicle lane, and the battery car belongs to the non-motor vehicle, can walk in the bicycle lane. Compared with motorcycles, electric cars are much less likely to be involved in accidents when walking on non-motorized roads.

So the urban daily travel dilemma should choose motorcycle or battery car? In fact, more car users need to choose for their own travel needs, which one do you think is more affordable and convenient?