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Large X300? Kawasaki's new hard 650 pull exposed
Release date:2022.07.21

After two years out of production in 2018, Kawasaki's Laliking returned to the market last year with a new upgrade. The KLR650, a reliable and fuel-efficient model, seems to be about to get a new, low-slacking version.

In the KLR650 certification in Australia recently, a new KLR650 S model appeared, which is the third model after the KLR650F standard and ADV KLR650H.

While few details have been revealed about the "S" version, kawasaki's naming habit suggests that the "S" suffix is the low-seat version, as was the case with the new KLX 230S, which had significantly reduced travel and seat height.

And Kawasaki, after resurrecting the hard pull model, retuning the engine and optimizing many parts, apparently does not want to go the previous niche route; The launch of the KLR 650S, a low-seat model, was necessary for officials to push the KLR 650S into more markets and higher sales.


After all, the KLR650's 871mm seat height is still too hardcore for most drivers, so many beginners who want to buy this pull-king will have to think about whether they can handle it or not. If you have a low-seat model, you don't have to worry too much

We'll keep you posted on whether the new Kawasaki KLR 650S is a low-seat model or not

Kawasaki currently sells only the Road series Versys 650 as a middleweight rv model in China, and its entry-level hard Versys X300 does not have the same hard middleweight pull that kawasaki fans can transition to.

In the domestic hard pull market gradually hot, Apuria Tuareg 660 has declared the 3C will soon be listed in the domestic situation, Kawasaki followed up with the introduction of large X300- "low seat version KLR650", in terms of kawasaki in the past accumulated word of mouth or very market ~