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The new Ninja 650? Kawasaki new generation roadster or fully beefed up
Release date:2022.07.27

With increasingly stringent emissions regulations and technological developments, the competition in middleweight sports cars has shifted from the extreme four-cylinder to the more economical and efficient two-cylinder models. After the Aprilia RS660 and Yamaha R7, Kawasaki seems to be looking to enhance the Ninja 650.

It was recently revealed that Kawasaki will be making a comprehensive upgrade to the next generation Ninja 650. The new version will have a better engine, better suspension, and a corresponding design change. Japanese media Young Machine also made a rendering of the model.

It has been revealed that the new Ninja 650 will feature a sportier inverted front fork, which makes sense given that rival 400 and 500cc models already have this feature optimized.


As for the Brembo calipers and Olins airbag rear shock absorbers shown in the rendering, these two parts are a bit exaggerated; As is typical in Kawasaki, the new car will most likely feature Nissin calipers and SHOWA shock absorbers.

As for the next version of the Ninja 650 the appearance of the parts, the fixed wing in CG figure might be to focus on change, kawasaki, Malaysia's official website before disclosed a equipped with fixed wing the Ninja series of models, from many models strengthen body aerodynamic design trends, kawasaki, will give the new Ninja series combined with fixed wing perhaps as early as planned.

It has been four years since the 2018 Kawasaki 650 Ninja model was modified, and the next version of the model should be greatly modified and optimized in line with the tradition of the five-year reform. After all, the competitive environment for middleweight sports cars is very different now, and the Ninja 650's current configuration is already far behind that of its peers, so it's only natural that the Ninja 650 should be made more competitive.

It remains to be seen if Kawasaki will bring the aggressive new Ninja650