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49800 yuan! Spring Breeze 700CL-X ADV released
Release date:2022.07.27

After several rounds of warm-up, Spring Breeze officially released the third model of the 700CL-X series today. The new ADVENTURE version is 4,000 yuan more expensive than the standard version, and the market price is 49,800 yuan.

Although the new ADVENTURE version 700CL-X is a climbing model launched on the same platform, it is different from domestic models that only replaced spokes, hubs and fenders in the past. Spring Breeze has made some targeted optimization in the model setting.

In order to give riders a more relaxed riding posture, officials changed the riding triangle of the climbing version 700CL-X, with the handlebars moving 30mm up and 15mm back. High handlebars in the face of non-paved road, also can let the driver more calm.

In addition, the Spring Breeze has enhanced the passing performance of this version, increasing the front suspension stroke to 150mm and lifting the ground clearance by 10mm. In order to prevent the gravel and mud bacca stagnation, and the front fender is raised accordingly, even when encountering potholes, it can pass confidently.

The tyres are front R18 and rear R17 Pirelli Scorpion Rally Str all-terrain tyres suitable for cold to hot weather conditions.


The suspension system of the 700CL-X Climbing version uses a full set of KYB shock absorbers, with original deflection support. The left side of the front inversion damping is preloaded and 20 sections of compression can be adjusted, and the right side is preloaded and 20 sections of springback can be adjusted. The sporty setting can filter the daily bumps, avoid the steering interference caused by vibration, and improve the riding comfort.

The rear multi-link mid-mounted shock absorption is preloaded and 20 segments of rebound can be adjusted, the travel distance can reach 150mm, refusing the possibility of hitting bottom when passing through bad road conditions.

The 693cc dual-cylinder water-cooled engine produces a maximum horsepower of 75 PS (55kW) at 8500rpm and a maximum torque of 68N·m at 6500rpm.

ADVENTURE's 700CL-X also offers two driving modes for different road conditions. The full response of STREET mode is sensitive, slight oil feeding, pleasant burst continues to go up; The off-road mode, on the other hand, is soft before fast, emphasizing silky smoothness at low RPM and ferocious output at high RPM.

The braking system comes standard with Nishito calipers and German Continental ABS, and the ABS system can also be turned OFF in off-road mode with a long press of the button for plenty of off-road fun if safety conditions permit.

Other features of the new car include the CF-SC sliding clutch system, which not only allows easy operation of the clutch rod with two fingers, but also relieves pressure on the hands. It can also reduce the back wheel beating when the gear is down, which helps to release the power gently, reduce the anti-drag effect of the vehicle on the engine, and significantly improve the sense of frustration.

The front LED headlights are equipped with an adaptive auxiliary system that automatically turns on and off in response to ambient brightness, ensuring a clear view in a variety of road conditions, especially in tunnels where there is a sharp contrast between light and dark.

The exterior part of the new 700CL-X is also inclined to the design of adventure models, and the front part of the face is also added a windshield to coordinate with the headlights; The rear subframe is equipped with side bracket and rear handrail.

Unfortunately, due to the same platform design, the tank of the ADVENTURE 700CL-X was not enlarged, and the long-endurance version is expected to wait for the next overhaul; The weight of the new model is 203kg.

In addition to the above standard configuration, Spring Breeze also provides a series of modified parts, including diamond lattice raised seat, vintage leather edge bag, chain guard plate, side hanging mirror, lightweight vintage rear teeth disc, side support and increased base, and high windshield.