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The new CBR750RR? Honda also has a new middleweight
Release date:2022.07.27

Honda's middleweight lineup has been getting a lot of buzz lately, with the new HORNET 750 being revealed as well as a number of other new models in the same category. As well as the new Wasp, it was recently revealed that Honda will also be launching the all-new 750 sports car.

Honda currently has two middleweight sports cars, the domestically available CBR650R and the classic F5 (CBR600RR), but they go in two different directions. The CBR650R is for street riding and the F5 is too extreme and expensive.

Honda's redevelopment of the 750CC series is also a response to the coming market changes at a time when other companies are introducing new two-cylinder sports cars to replace the declining middleweight four-cylinder models.

Another interesting point of Honda's new 750 series models is that the new HORNET 750 streetcar and the Adventure Transalp750 (new trademark information has been applied for) are all copies of Honda's past classic models.

Honda's new 750 might be a replica of the classic 750CC RC30 in Honda's history, and the official VFR750F is based on the supercar.


In the case of Honda's reinvention, this series of sports cars may also be reborn like the HORNET.

In fact, Honda's new 750 coupe was previously revealed to be on the way, and with this new 750 platform, the new CBR750RR may not be far behind.

In recent years, Honda's new car development, the new NT1100 and HAWK 11 were developed based on the existing platform, so after the new two-cylinder 750 platform, Honda's subsequent launch of new sports car on this basis also conforms to Honda's consistent operation.

With middleweight four-cylinder imitation racing on the wane, it is interesting to see what Honda will bring to THE market as manufacturers seek to break NEW ground in the middleweight segment.