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690CC, 223 horsepower! This medium engine sports car is very violent
Release date:2022.07.27

While the 200-plus horsepower figure is mostly reserved for upgraded models, the 223bhp figure is somewhat remarkable in a 690CC middleweight sports car, after all, Ducati's new V4 sports car's maximum horsepower is only around 210.

This high-powered middleweight sports car, called the CR700W, was developed by Brian Crighton and Norton based on the Norton 588cc twin rotor engine. He won the 1992 Isle of Man TT and the 1994 UK Championship (he was banned the following year).

Brian Crighton took over the development and construction of the 690cc CR700W, with a new twin-rotor engine that delivers 223ps/10500rpm maximum horsepower and 142N·m/9500rpm maximum torque.


Limited to 25 units, the handcrafted sports car has a dry weight of 126kg and a formidable power-to-weight ratio of 1.70ps/kg, which is even better than some MotoGP cars.

Based on the middleweight's strength, former Isle of Man TT driver Guy Martin launched a frantic test to push the 690cc dual-rotor sports car to 200mph (322km/h).

The rider has tried to push the CR700W to 188mph (302km/h) before, but that's not his best time on a motorcycle, with Guy Martin previously reaching 260mph (418.43km/h) on a turbocharged suzuki falcon.

The 690cc, 223hp middleweight car is currently undergoing final adjustments to its gear ratio, fairing and other components, but we will find out just how fast it can go later