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Domestic V-600 cruise?
Release date:2022.08.03

When the domestic motorcycle market is getting hotter and hotter, the major manufacturers are also exploring new markets in a different way. Lifan registered a new motorcycle company in April this year - Pai Fang motorcycle, will also be released in the middle of this month a new motorcycle.

PI Fang's first motorcycle "Starship" is a cruise model, the appearance of the car styling adopted a sporty design, interesting is that the front face of the cruise model with Lifan KP400 company some similar, square LED light is much the same.

I don't know whether this new car is going to follow the route of Honda Gold Wing. The outline of the whole car is to lean on the big and square route. The subframe part and seat cushion are also similar in design, but the front fairing is not as big as the gold wing.


As for the power part of the new Starship, it is known that it is equipped with V-type twin-cylinder engine which is the mainstream of cruise models. One "bright spot" of this engine is that the air filter on the side seems to be added with bright atmosphere lights. The configuration shows the front vertical fork and the braking system is the front single disc +ABS.

Although the exact displacement of the starship has not been officially disclosed, Lifan showed off a 600cc V-cylinder engine at the Chongqing Motor Expo last year, which may be used in the new cruise car. This is just a guess, this model configuration how to follow up with you.

Lifan updated models at the beginning of this year are entry-level small displacement models, the launch of the new brand is expected to take a different scientific and technological route, and only in terms of the information displayed by the new PI Fang Starship, how do you feel about this new model?