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Price reduction of 2000 yuan! The newly upgraded Secron RG401 is available
Release date:2022.08.03

Zongshen released its new brand Senlan and new electric models ES5 and ERT3 a few days ago, and yesterday launched a new upgraded sports resort RG401, 2022 RG401 price is 2000 yuan lower than RG3, 30800 yuan.

The new RG401 is equipped with the optimized TC401 engine. The intake and exhaust volume are increased by 15%, the exhaust back pressure is reduced by 8.5%, and the maximum power and torque are increased a bit compared with the previous, respectively 33kW/9500rpm and 37N·m/8000rpm.

Another improvement is the suspension. The 2022 model features a 24-level adjustable inverted front fork that can be adjusted to improve vibration filtering and bend support. In order to improve the man-machine triangle, the handlebar tube was also raised by 20mm.


Other upgrades to the new RG401 include 3D non-slip handles and newly moulded aluminum alloy upper and lower panels; The hardware is to maintain the front and rear single disc brake + Bosch dual channel ABS braking system, sliding clutch, rear shock absorber is a mid-set 11-speed adjustable shock absorber.

The new car also features a 6.75-inch TFT meter with a projection screen, an adjustable front windshield, and a 21L fuel tank. The 32,800 yuan version also has tire pressure monitoring front and rear tachographs.

The 2022 RG401 has fewer body colors than the RG3, with only three options: Phantom Black, Range Rover Blue, and tungsten gray.