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400 ~ 500 cc? Ducati's "bold breakthrough" new car is here
Release date:2022.08.03

After Ducati's recent WDW World Week, the Italian maker has a half-dozen new vehicles on the way, in addition to the new Scrambler Freedom, which will be unveiled Nov. 7.

Judging by the pace of official announcements, Ducati's upcoming new car launches are pretty dense, and ahead of the launch of the new Scrambler, which we reported on earlier, MOTORRAD predicted a "Dare to Be Bold" event on Oct. 28, The new car will be a single-cylinder sport model of 400 to 500cc.

As for the small and medium-sized engine of the new car will be equipped with exactly what configuration, there is no accurate information; In Ducati's history, however, the Italian manufacturer introduced a mid-engine race car, the Supermono, in 1993.


Ducati Supermono is powered by a single cylinder engine with an actual displacement of 549cc, with a maximum power of 56kW /10000 RPM and a maximum torque of 50.8n ⋅m/8000 RPM.

Its 118kg dry body, combined with a maximum horsepower of 75bhp, and a number of high-spec accessories make this mid-range car quite capable. Unfortunately, the middleweight has not been officially continued, and no new models have been released since 1997.

With the announcement of an all-new middleweight sport model, the 500CC class may be reintroduced in a new waistcoat, as both the Japanese and BMW have been playing with redesigns recently, it's not surprising that Ducati should follow suit

Of course, the official has not confirmed the specific displacement of the new car, whether it is a 400-500cc sport model, let's look forward to Ducati's "Dare to be Bold" theme conference ~

Ducati actually launched 400CC Freedom 400 in recent years, but the original price of more than 80,000 yuan was dissuade many car owners, it was also due to lack of competitiveness, slowly quit the market. If Ducati is to return to the small and medium engine market this time, the new car pricing will be the key to re-opening the market