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[everyone comment car] price such as diving, Haojue DR250 how?
Release date:2022.08.03

The launch of this street car is quite magical, after all, this is a relay model to replace the big brother DR300, this model and appearance design and configuration are basically the same as the big brother, but the displacement is a little smaller. This model has been on the market for more than a year now, in the end how to feel the car, to see this issue of "everyone comment on the car"

Model overview

In June 2020, after the DR300 released with 33,080 yuan suffered Waterloo, and then in December of the same year, it quietly launched this "catch pot man" --DR250. The price of 29,680 yuan (holiday discount price of 25,768 yuan) is also calculated to be acceptable to some car friends.

However, the price is still somewhat inflated. After more than a year on the market, the official recommended retail price has now dropped to 24,680 yuan.

The DR250 is a water-cooled two-cylinder engine (SOHC, two valves per cylinder) with an actual displacement of 248cc, with a maximum power of 18.4kW and a maximum torque of 23.4N·m. Other configuration is basically the same as the big brother DR300, KYB inverted front shock absorption, full LED headlights, full digital negative display LCD instrument, BOSCH dual channel ABS braking system, etc.


Model parameters

Engine type: Twin cylinder, water cooled, four stroke

Actual displacement: 248cc

Maximum power: 18.4kW/8500rpm

Maximum torque: 23.4N·m/6500rpm

The wheelbase: 1420 mm

High: 785 mm

Tank capacity: 16L

Cylinder diameter × stroke: 53.5mm×55.2mm

Front brake: φ290mm disc brake

Rear brake :φ240mm disc brake

Used car price

On some second-hand platforms, the price of DR250 for thousands of kilometers is about 17,500 yuan, and with the upgrading of the current new models, the price of DR250 for this model with a slightly moderate shape drops to about 21,000 yuan.

My feedback


1. For entry-level riders, easy to use and easy to ride daily

2. Engine ride comfort and vibration suppression ability is good

3. Rich configuration, a variety of large brand accessories support


1. The power is too weak, a sports street car runs like "Laotoule"

2. Insufficient front damping adjustment

3. The overall appearance design does not keep up with The Times

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