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Sunset products "become fashionable goods, who is leading the motorcycle new consumption?
Release date:2022.08.10

"The whole country is out of stock, and there are still more than 100 units of this model that have not been delivered." Recently, the spring breeze power Shanghai Qingpu shop of a staff member pointing to a price of more than 30,000 yuan motorcycle said to the author.

Spring Power is not the only one selling briskly. In the first half of this year, 222,000 motorcycles with large displacement vehicles were sold in China, up 46.6% year-on-year, according to data. Vehicle sales also drive training, driving tests, community and other aspects of demand. So far, Douyin's "motorcycle" topic has been viewed nearly 60 billion times, Weibo's "motorcycle" topic has been discussed more than 500,000 times and read more than 2 billion times, and Xiaohongshu's "motorcycle" entry has more than 1.08 million notes.

"Motorcycles, especially large-displacement motorcycles, have gradually changed from production tools and transportation tools to life products and leisure toys. In the future, the trend will sink from first-tier cities to second - and third-tier cities, bringing new consumption growth." China Automobile Dealers Association motorcycle branch secretary Song Tao said. In the face of the continuous hot market, domestic motorcycle enterprises are also accelerating their efforts, successively releasing new products with large displacement, hoping to take the lead in this rapidly rising segment.


"For our most popular motorcycle, there is a three-month wait for delivery when we place an order." The above staff said. Cycle of the long, comparable to the hot new energy vehicles.

Demand for training, driving tests and equipment is also rising. "The motorcycle industry has been booming for nearly two years. In the northeast, there was almost no business in the winter of the previous few years, but the winter of the last two years also sold cars. The number of offline motorcycle safety driving training, registration and consultation is also more than a year." An industry media person said so.

In the traditional impression, motorcycle used to be the main tool for people to transport and walk. In recent years, with the popularity of cars, motorcycle gradually left the mainstream vision. Nowadays, to meet the needs of leisure and entertainment, the large displacement motorcycle suddenly emerged, and drive the motorcycle industry overall recovery.

According to the China Motorcycle Chamber of Commerce, China's motorcycle production and sales exceeded 20 million units in 2021, hitting the highest record since 2015. In the first half of 2022, the production and sales of motorcycles decreased year-on-year, but still stood at the 10 million mark.

He zebo, sales manager of zongshen saikelon, said the motorcycle industry has seen significant growth for the third year in a row as it transforms from traditional means of transportation to recreational and leisure tools, with the fastest growth coming from the range of 250cc to 600cc. Qianjiang motorcycle said that the company's current sales of good products for the two large displacement motorcycle.

"Cars are for driving, motorcycles are for playing." It can be seen that motorcycle consumption before the cold and hot in recent years, are related to its function change. Li Bin, executive vice president of the China Motorcycle Chamber of Commerce, analyzed, The usage of motorcycles in China has changed fundamentally. Since the early 1980s, motorcycles have been used mainly as a means of production for transportation and transportation. With the rapid growth of automobiles, the transport function of motorcycles has now diminished."

Among the MOBS, the growing ranks of female bikers are a bright spot. Currently, male customers dominate the market, but female customers are growing rapidly and are expected to account for 15 to 20 percent by the end of the year, He said. At times, there are more women students than men, Xiao said.


02Seize the busy layout of the new machine and car companies

"At present, the large displacement motorcycle sales accounts for only 3% of motorcycle overall market to 5%, in contrast, the international market, even the Japanese prefer small motorcycle, more than 250 cc motorcycle still accounts for about 20% of the whole market, Europe and the large displacement motorcycle market accounted for 60% to 90%, therefore, cuhk bikes in China still has large consumption potential. " Song tao said.

In the face of the market with great potential, motorcycle enterprises have released new products, many of which have become "explosive products". For example, Spring Breeze Power this year released a mock racing motorcycle, Spring Breeze 450SR, and orders exceeded 10,000 within two weeks of its launch. The staff of Spring Breeze Power told the author that at present, the company's 250SR, 450SR, 800MT and other large displacement products are in good sales condition, the order situation is good.

Zongshen Sai Kelong also launched RC401 and other large displacement motorcycles in the year. He Zebo told the author that the new products launched by the company are mainly large displacement, considering that more novice car buyers, 250cc to 400cc displacement models are more.

Product changes also affect the profit structure of motorcycle enterprises. Mr Li sums it up as the "80/20 rule", in which high-engine motorcycles account for 20 per cent of sales but 80 per cent of industry profits. "When China's motorcycle production is at its peak, it may be close to 30 million units. At that time, the after-tax profit of the whole industry is about 5 billion yuan. In 2021, the production of about 20 million units, the profit is still more than 5 billion yuan. After the adjustment of product structure, the output decreased and the profit increased, indicating that the transformation and upgrading of the whole industry is right."

In addition to vehicle sales, the supporting industry chain opportunities are also worth paying attention to. Song Tao said, in contrast, while selling four-wheel cars and two-wheel motorcycle brands, in the motorcycle after market standards are more detailed, independent motorcycle brand after market service standards, standardization is weak, each brand after market service ability, technical level is uneven. In addition to motorcycle maintenance services, a series of back-end markets such as motorcycle parts, insurance, finance and used cars are still in the initial stage of standardization and technical capabilities, and there is still a lot of room for improvement in the future, which is also the direction of the Motorcycle branch of China Automobile Dealers Association.

"We estimate that in the next five years, the second-hand motorcycle and financial business will show explosive growth, and drive the growth of after-sales maintenance and parts business." Song tao said.

03Gradually normative space can be expected

How big is the market space of large and medium displacement motorcycle? Qianjiang motorcycle said in response to investors' questions, due to the development of electric vehicles and the ban on motorcycle policy, domestic fuel motorcycle overall production and sales do not exclude the possibility of further decline, but large displacement motorcycle due to consumption upgrade and other factors, can be expected to have a certain rise.

The response shows optimism about high-displacement motorcycles and points to two major roadblocks for the industry: First, what is the road ahead for motorcycles in the "electrification" wave? Second, how much is the impact on the industry?

Li Bin revealed that some time ago motorcycle chamber of commerce, internal combustion engine association, construction machinery association, agricultural machinery association held a seminar together, everyone agreed that electric vehicles will be a product category in the future, but not all, but also according to the industry to choose different technical routes. Motorbikes may be electrified for short distances, but not for recreational use because of the lack of existing technology.

"In Beijing, we go out and ride motorcycles 250 kilometers round trip in the mountains, and no electric two-wheeler can do that now." "Li Bin said for example.

Fuel motorcycles are also irreplaceable in terms of experience. "When you ride a motorcycle, you want to feel the interaction between the motorcycle, the engine and the people," Li added. For example, the sound of a Harley's muffler is patented, and consumers want it. Our view is to go step by step, some things can not bend overtaking, but also have a deep industrial foundation and technology research and development foundation."

As for the market focus on the "motorcycle restriction order", Song Tao said: "the main reasons for the release of the policy are frequent motorcycle riding safety accidents, illegal modification of motorcycles, not wearing protective gear according to the regulations and causing serious injuries, mainly safety awareness, safety laws and regulations, motorcycle basic education is not complete."

"We have a slogan called 'Ride handsome, ride fast'." Li Bin said that with the development of the industry, people's concerns about motorcycles on the road are also gradually dissipating. According to Song Tao, the above problems are expected to be controlled and improved through stricter safety education and training, safe driving requirements, raising the safety awareness of the whole people, and increasing the cost of traffic violations.