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23980 yuan! Another new 300CC vintage cruise blast is selling!
Release date:2022.08.10

Consumption upgrade, times change, technology transformation... The motorcycle market is not what it used to be. High-end, fashion, intelligent, personalized fun has become a new trend of motorcycle development. With the continuous improvement of motorcycle manufacturing technology level, many domestic motorcycle enterprises set out to create a new brand, release high-end differentiated new products, gradually close to the international big brands, towards the road of high-end development.

On August 5, Motofino officially released its first vintage American sports cruiser V-Master 300, or Pony 300, with an official price of 23,980 yuan. Fashionable retro, cool and handsome muscle sense modeling, triggered high attention of netizens.

Who is Motofino, many of you might ask? In fact, Motofino is the old brand "Wang Ye" and the United States top design team to create a new brand. Although in recent years, Wang Ye is not active in the domestic market, but in the foreign market is playing the wind water, the new brand Motofino is Wang Ye after Arena, another major move to impact the high-end market.

It is reported that Motofino for the independent operation of the brand, in the brand strategy and Wang Ye to open the gap, to create a more young, differentiated products and operations to create the high-end brand image of Wang Ye. The release of the new Pony 300 is not only another bold exploration for Wang Ye to participate in the increasingly popular recreational market competition in China, but also shows that Wang Ye has never left his love for motorcycles!

At present, the sales of large and medium displacement motorcycles are increasing rapidly, and the retro sports cruise car is hot among the young generation of consumer groups. The timely launch of Pony 300 adds another fire to the hot motorcycle fun market! Its strong appearance, power, performance and other innate advantages, let the industry sit up and take notice.


In terms of appearance, Pony 300 carries on the wild pedigree of American locomotive. Its short tail styling body, flat waist line and sitting posture of cruise car perfectly integrate the dual aesthetic feeling of classic and modern, and it is full of fashion and sports style. Although the original design is similar to Bobber's short tail design, the personalized details can be customized, allowing you to switch between single and double seat style cushions, taking into account the individual aesthetic and practical for two people.

Unique elements, such as flat capsule headlamp and classic conical peanut oil tank, show the American Bobber flavor incisively and vividly, and create a full sense of muscle and power to shape a full tough guy image. Its young, fashionable and trendy appearance level is particularly outstanding among competing products of the same level. This entry-level small cruise has a strong lethality for appearance level control friends.

In terms of power, the Little Horse 300 adopts the same V-type two-cylinder four-stroke water-cooled engine from QJMotor 300CC, equipped with Delphi electric injection system. The actual displacement is 296cc, the maximum power is 22.6kW /9000rpm, the maximum torque is 26N.m/7000rpm, the low-torque power output is strong, and the sliding clutch is standard. The clutch lever is gentle and labor-saving, which provides the whole vehicle with a surge of power and makes the handling performance more simple. Even a female novice can handle it well, with good playability and practicability.

In terms of configuration, Pony 300 is equipped with double channel ABS, inverted Chongqing damping, double gun spring damping, four piston calipers and single piston calipers, which can easily cope with various complex road conditions. Circular LCD liquid crystal instrument data complete, the content is clearly visible;


The whole car uses LED lamps, front and rear taillight style unified echo at a distance, coupled with the current popular backlight handle switch, fashionable atmosphere, beautiful and novel; The reconditioning mass is 167kg, which is equal to the same level; The 17.2-liter tank provides a longer driving range, even for long car journeys.

In the late modification, Motofino is also quite thoughtful. Pony 300 modified market with closed hub, windshield, external air filter, backrest, transparent clutch side cover and transparent water tank cover, a variety of personality modification configuration, personalized DIY style variety, let you do what you want!

According to the official reveal, Motofino will also launch a very fun, fun 400 displacement retro car, respectively is the climbing style and more retro

Bobber style two versions, appearance level bright, high-end configuration, we wait and see!