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372 horses! The strongest Suzuki falcon on the surface
Release date:2022.08.25

The former land king is no longer as dominant as it used to be as many competing models have been beefed up, and with the official delay in updating the land King, some fans have taken matters into their own hands.

TTS Performance from the UK recently took advantage of the company's 40th anniversary, launched a supercharged version of the Suzuki Falcon; The supercharged Hayabusa has nearly doubled its maximum horsepower from 188 to a whopping 372.

The turbocharged Hayabusa's Rotrex C30-94 compressor and intercooler boost Hayabusa's maximum torque from 150N·m to 260N·m, which in addition to crushing most current models, also shows the potential of Hayabusa's 1300cc four-cylinder engine.


In addition to the engine, the team also changed the shape and configuration of the model. The supercharged model has a large aerodynamic wing, a lightweight single rocker arm in the rear subframe, Rotobox carbon fiber wheels, upgraded spring elements and larger brake discs.

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