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Domestic reyingzhong displacement retro, Secron new SR600 declaration 3C
Release date:2022.08.25

Although the competition of the retro models with medium displacement in China is far less fierce than that of sports cars, the major manufacturers still continue to introduce various new models in this market. Recently, the Zongshen of two new cars was exposed. Recently, a new model code-named SR600 has applied for 3C certification.

Zong Shen's new model SR600 has been reported to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology before. The series model of "SR" is not a pedal or other brand new car series. The new SR600 looks more like a model of the retro series of Secron RE.

The new car is equipped with an engine with an actual displacement of 550cc, and the power data is moderate, with a maximum power of 43.5kW. Sekoron has also unveiled a 560 Adventure model, both of which are expected to have the same engine, and the new car may focus on low-torque performance.


The new SR600 comes in two versions: spoke rims and cast aluminum rims. The SR600 is equipped with Bosch 9.1 dual channel ABS+ front double disc brake system. The SR600 is suspended with front inverted fork. The tire size is 120 front and 160 rear.

This new car of Secron is expected to be put on the market soon after the 3C declaration. According to the pricing strategy of several new models released by Secron recently, how much do you think the new SR600 will cost?
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