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Chongqing sudden fire, the critical moment or motorcycle use big!
Release date:2022.08.25

Chongqing sudden mountain fire, steep terrain rescue car is difficult to be competent, the key moment or citizens spontaneously organized motorcycle team sent a big use, for our lovely, honorable MO friends to extend the highest respect!

On the evening of August 21, a mountain fire broke out in Hutou Village, Xima Street, Beibei District, Chongqing. It is reported that from August 21 to 22, a total of 1,500 people to tackle the fire. After the fire, many Chongqing citizens took the initiative to participate in voluntary services. Worried about blocking relief routes and the steep mountain terrain making it difficult for cars to carry supplies, many citizens formed motorbike teams to deliver supplies.

Liu, 36, a former soldier, runs a second-hand car dealership with several friends in Beibei, Chongqing. On the 22nd, Mr. Liu saw the news that the mountain fire site needed a motorcycle to transport supplies, and then drove the pedal motorcycle to the scene, he also prepared food, water and sunstroke items.

"There were at least hundreds of motorcycles on the road, people from all walks of life, carrying supplies from the concentration area to the foot of the fire, unloading supplies and going back to pull more." Mr. Liu said that because the road up the mountain is just cut, very steep, only dirt bikes can climb up, he can only send supplies to the foot of the mountain, by the dirt bike to the mountain transport.

Mr. Liu said that on the 22nd, he mainly delivered water and food, and his motorcycle can hold six boxes of water at a time. He ran nearly 10 times that day, and his clothes and pants were soaked with sweat when he finished work at night. On the 23rd, they simply shut down all the staff on the field as volunteers, riding motorcycles will drive motorcycles to transport supplies and rescue team members, the rest of the mountain to help cut down the isolation zone.


"It's all for our own home and just doing the little thing we can." Liu said he would not hesitate to go again if needed.

Another volunteer, surnamed Shu, told the reporter that he went to a supply site in Beibei district on the morning of the 22nd to support the fire and did not withdraw until the evening of the 23rd. He delivered mineral water, tools, gloves, masks and even took volunteers up the mountain. Sometimes, he had to walk a long distance with his basket on his back to deliver his supplies.

Mr. Shu said he lost count of the number of round trips he made a day, and even scratched his skin from a fall, but he kept delivering supplies. But he says he is not alone. He would dispatch everyone in the group to get supplies and send them to the designated location. Everyone worked silently without complaining.

According to the official wechat account of Beibei, from August 21 to 22, the district fire and rescue detachment, militia emergency company, comprehensive emergency rescue team and other rescue forces, a total of more than 1,500 people fought the fire. By the afternoon of the 23rd, the municipal aviation Rescue Corps had dispatched 65 helicopters, spraying 325 barrels and more than 1,000 tons of water. Deploy 21 excavators to continuously widen the fire isolation zone.

Who says motorcycles aren't indispensable? ! This kind of mountainous terrain, critical moment, but also have a motorcycle to use!

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