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Domestic V4 new car sold for 30k?
Release date:2022.08.18

If Qianjiang is the most famous four-cylinder manufacturer in China at present, then Benda is the most diligent in launching four-cylinder new cars. This domestic manufacturer officially launched Tangdao 700 some time ago, and recently declared a four-cylinder cruising new car in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

The new cruising car looks as chunky as the previous 700CC models, and the body is built in the same rugged style that has been used recently by Benda, with a thick front shock absorber and a square rear exhaust pipe that combines into one.

The new car has an engine with an actual displacement of 496cc. Although the information filed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology did not disclose the exact type of engine, the model "BD4V53MR" is named in the same way as the 500cc class V4 engine previously shown by Penda.

On the side panel below the tank of the new car, the word "V4" is also displayed, and the new car is expected to be equipped with this V4 engine.

The maximum speed of the new car is designed at 190km/h, and the braking is composed of front and rear single disc + Bosch ABS. The tire size is not as wide as it looks, with the front 130 and the rear 150, and the reconditioning weight is up to 241KG.

Relative to the Benz this cruise new car configuration and styling part, the carrying V4, 500CC level engine of the new car price is the interesting part, to four cylinder Liao 700 (45,800 yuan), Tang Dao 700 (38800 yuan) listed price, the displacement of the new model is not to sell more than 30,000, After all, if the price is higher, you have to face the iron fist of your brother

After the declaration of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Banda new car is expected to be on the market soon. It is curious whether the new car will stagger the price range of its 700cc class or compete with the in-line four cylinder and V-type four cylinder at a similar price.