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Car review: KTM 890 DUKE, "seductive" scalpel
Release date:2022.08.18

Shape Design:

First, let's talk about the appearance of this car. In fact, when we measured 790 before, we said that there is basically no difference between the appearance of 890 and 790. Several major features of KTM DUKE series models are more obvious.

The family shape of the front face, even the tank on both sides of the cover are the same, because this is to do with the headlights to match, creating a KTM series of models a sense of knife fighting atmosphere.

The seat and the fuel tank are all right for the SUV. Because of the setting of Supermoto, the wild gene is very obvious in this part.

The subframe part hopes to add some street fashion flavor, with the aluminum alloy of this integrated subframe, the tail seat is optimized compared with the 790, becomes smaller.

Wild exhaust modeling is very KTM, and with the tank, side panel on the echo, in the vision to give people a more full feeling.

The new 890DUKE is powered by an 899cc in-line dual-cylinder water-cooled engine with a maximum power of 89kW (121ps) @9250rpm, which is significantly more powerful than the current 790's 95 horsepower. The maximum torque is 99N·m@7750rpm, and the engine's compression ratio has been increased to 13.5:1.

In terms of suspension, the new car has a better WP Apex shock absorber than the 790, with adjustable compression rebound damping in the front and pre-loaded compression rebound damping in the rear suspension.

Brake system is front Brembo Stylema opposite four-piston radial calipers, rear Brembo single disc with unidirectional single-piston calipers, front and rear tires are 120 and 180 Michelin Power Cup semi-hot melt tires.

The new car is also rich in electronic controls. The 890 Duke with electronic throttle has three power modes: street, sport and rainy; At the same time, it is equipped with Bosch dual channel ABS with Super Moto and curve function, and the TC system also has curve TC function.

In addition, anti-warping head, electronic quick platoon, ejection start and fixed-speed endurance and other auxiliary riding systems need to be upgraded to have.

The 890DUKE has a dry weight of 166kg, a reconditioning mass of about 185kg, a seat height of 834mm, a ground clearance of 206mm, a wheelbase of 1475mm, and a fuel tank volume of 14L.


Riding feeling

The vehicle is 834mm high, and I am 175cm tall, so I can land on my toes. The body feeling is not as high as expected. The downward narrowing fuel tank and seat cushion combined with the light weight of the vehicle will not bring any pressure to people in the overall riding posture.

When you get on the car, the wide handlebars and angular fuel tank will give people the feeling of an off-road vehicle or a sliding tire car. However, when you hold the handlebars by your foot and move your body forward, you will find that this new car will bring you more possibilities in sports.

The new 890Duke idles at around 1500 RPM, but you need to keep the revs up to 2000 RPM, where the throttle response isn't as smooth as it should be. There's also off-gear, which you need to use clutch to help you ride in the city.

After the speed of 2000 RPM, the throttle will become more linear, the power will come more directly, to 5000 RPM is still in a relatively comfortable range; When the engine is pumped more than 3000 RPM, the speed will climb quickly. The advantage of this setting is that in Super Moto mode, the engine will be lifted at any time.

After 5000 RPM, you will find that this car has a different character. On the one hand, the vibration is transmitted from the hands and feet, which will make people feel uncomfortable. On the other hand, the rotational speed will increase faster, and the immediate effect is that the torque will be more fierce, and the tug will be irresistible.

At this point, the pleasure of the ride overwhelms the discomfort of the vibration, which lasts until 9,500 RPM. But the speed is also bad, that is, when you twist the throttle, it is easy to break the oil, and it is high on the end; It's a little uncomfortable to pull on you.

This clutch is impressive, very light, and neutral position is good search, hang up the files after feel very relaxed, press the button very unexpected experience, vigorously to oil oil back at low stall will, but because the body is not too heavy, the frustration feeling not too obvious, but when you pulled the throttle dislocation is very uncomfortable, When the gear goes up to the second gear, the sense of oil return fault will be weakened.

The vehicle is relatively light, and the handlebar is very wide, so when doing bending to give people confidence, with good low twist, in the bending of the sense of stability and out of the bending of the power to give people confidence, or let people cannot stop.

The body and shape of the car give you the illusion that it is not a big car, but when you turn on the gas, you find that the car is like a maniac, and you can't stop it. The brakes give you oil, and only passion can make you feel like riding it.

In the case of our closed road test, the first gear can run to 90, the second gear can run to 125, and the third gear can run to 160. The vehicle speed climbs very fast, and the oil will be cut off at 9500 RPM, and the stopping feeling when the oil is cut off will be relatively strong. In addition, the stopping feeling in the low gear is stronger than the high gear.

The effect of the brake is also unequivocal, the speed up after the front brake, the overall stability of the body, as long as you dare to pinch, you can instantly reduce the speed, even let the rear wheel lift up, the effect of the rear brake is also obvious, step on the rear brake, the body obviously has a sinking like adsorption to the ground feeling.

This is thanks to the shock absorber and the good cooperation of the brakes, and the wide tire of Michelin also plays a very important role. The only problem is that the body is thin, the center of gravity is on the top, and the sense of stability of hard braking is less.

Before and after the shock had nothing to speak of, compression rebound damping adjustable, you only need to adjust it according to your demand, daily walking fo department can be softer, but the former 140, 150 after stroke will not give you too much, road filtering effect is obvious, running track, can be hard some, supporting better, at the same time before the shock adjustment way is also very convenient, You can twist it with your hand.

Electric control this in various power mode, the output characteristics are very obvious, one thing to say is the two-way upgrade fast row mainly on software, hardware is already in the standard version of the car, this makes the standard edition models do downshifts operation, in the case of no clutch with the gas can be very smooth operation.

The 890Duke of the KTM is close to the power of the upgraded model, and the riding texture is not as stable as the liter model. The lighter body and sitting posture will always remind you that this is not a casual model. When you twist the throttle and the vehicle pulls you forward, you will understand. If any other car will take care of your riding experience, this one will always tempt you to the limit when you ride, and you will never be able to relax!

As a streetcar, the KTM 890 Duke's appearance is not a popular shape, but a niche design, even with the orange boost but still a bit low-key; So the 890 is more of a car for someone who knows exactly what they want, and for someone who wants more extrinsic attributes, it may not be for you.

So who is this car for? Your budget is about 140,000 yuan. In fact, you have some track and tire blood in your bones. You don't stick to formality, like to break boundaries, and are usually more self-centered and put taking care of your own needs first.

You're also a pragmatist who doesn't want much in the way of noise and other things. If you want a car with a lot of power and specs, then you can give this KTM 890 Duke a try.