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Electric pull full! The new RC390 will be officially launched in China
Release date:2022.08.18

The small steel gun RC390 of KTM underwent a comprehensive upgrade and modification last year. This entry-level model has been sold in many overseas markets. Today, the official account of KTM in China finally released the news that the new RC390 will be launched in China.

According to the official announcement, the electric control configuration of the gun will be the main highlight of the new car, which means that the new RC390 equipped with the curve ABS, SuperMoto mode ABS, TC tracking system and optional electronic quickplatoon in the overseas version will also appear in the domestic version.

The new RC390 is still set to take the extreme control route. The new car has optimized many details. The new wheel hub reduces the rigidity by 3.4kg, and the greatly reduced sprung mass can also improve the control. The new car also features a split frame for easy maintenance, a lighter exhaust system and a suspension upgraded to WP APEX.


From the perspective of KTM's modification of the new RC390, it is official that the control has been carried out to the end. It is no wonder that the fisheye shape has been changed to such a polarizing design. Without such modification, it may not be the familiar KTM.

The 2022 RC390 has a big advantage over its competitors Kawasaki Ninja 400 and Yamaha R3 in terms of electric control. While the rumored CBR400R has never paid enough attention to this aspect of configuration, the KTM entry level new car is somewhat ahead in terms of electric control.

After the official announcement of the new RC390 in China, it is expected to be launched soon. Under the increasingly fierce competition of 300~ 400CC models in China, what price will KTM, which breaks the existing configuration of the same level in the industry, be launched