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More control? Ducati's new V4 Street Fighter road test exposed
Release date:2022.08.18

Ducati, which released its new V4 sports car and Street Fighter SP in China some time ago, revealed at the end of World Week 2022 that there will be 7 new models to be launched, and the first new model to be officially released recently seems to have been exposed for testing.

Ducati is currently testing the new V4 Street Fighter with major changes focused on the fuel tank. According to the road test photos, the unfinished fuel tank side panels have been painted in gray, and the matte black tank also appears to have been optimized. The final changes have not been completed yet.


The overall shape of the new car has not changed greatly, the front headlights and tail wing has not changed, the fixed wing seems to be bigger than the current model.

Ducati sports car V4 is optimized in the new model of the 1~5 gear ratio, improve the acceleration of the car experience, foreign media disclosed that the new V4 Street Fighter is expected to use the same set of configuration of the sports car, the current optimization of the tank part of the guide with the fixed wing, is expected to strengthen the control of this model ~