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About one hundred thousand into the stash sharp, each is a classic, power and control full
Release date:2022.08.18

With the development of society, the popularity of private cars and the upgrading of motorcycle manufacturing industry, more and more people like to travel by road, among which more and more tourists go to Tibet. Especially in July and August, many friends who like riding motorcycles will choose to travel to Tibet by bike.

The limited reserve space will affect the luggage and equipment carrying to a certain extent. However, for MOyou who ride in Tibet, a professional motorcycle and reasonable equipment is the first step and also the most important part.

From the majority of cycling enthusiasts, it is particularly important to choose a suitable motorcycle for themselves. Has been to Tibet by bike friends all know that Tibet is located in the domestic high altitude, the air of oxygen content is relatively low, carburetor, and efi vehicles in such conditions is extremely prone to failure, but due to personal riding habit daily maintenance factors such as the high and low failure rate, the car quality and different levels.

In terms of power, when the oxygen intake of the bike at high altitude becomes less, it will also show the fatigue of power. Have the power request friend, can choose some displacement larger, the quality reliable model.

Comparative analysis, suitable for such riding conditions of the motorcycle, and the power performance, good control of the model is quite many. So, the price of about 100,000 high performance motorcycle station car have what? Recommend a few in order to provide everybody reference.


BMW F750GS guide price: 111,900 yuan - 132,900 yuan

The F750GS from BMW is a mid-range pull car, and the configuration of the whole car is also a pull car for long-distance riding. Compared with the F850GS of BMW, the configuration of this car is somewhat reduced, but for the price of about 100,000 yuan, it is also a cost-effective car among BMW series models.

As the power engine of this car uses an in-line two-cylinder engine, coupled with the solid alloy frame design, the bird mouth design of the whole car, it is also a relatively good tensile model with BMW family characteristics.

Suzuki V-Strom650 guide price: 109,800 yuan - 114,800 yuan

This is V-STROM650, a big trade model from Suzuki, referred to as DL650, which is a pulling car imported from the original Japanese factory to China. Because the price of this car is about 10W, it is also relatively pleasing for domestic MOyou. The car uses V-shaped twin cylinder engine, derived from the chain machine designed by Suzuki, in the low torsion performance is also relatively advantageous.

Honda NC750X guide price: 103,800 yuan - 113,800 yuan

NC750X from Honda is a recreational vehicle. Among the station cars with displacement up to 750CC, it has a very strong sense of riding control, and the appearance of the vehicle has a sense of fashion and technology. The DCT automatic transmission design is also more suitable for beginners to ride. The fuel-saving automatic adjustment function of Honda's automatic transmission makes it easy to use and suitable for long rides.

These models ride the texture of good, full of power, control is also the same level among the outstanding, of course, the price of some small expensive. However, in terms of power configuration, control comfort and other aspects can be absolutely a weapon into Tibet, big trade imported models are still more popular. There are many models suitable for long-distance motorcycle travel, which one do you prefer?