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Entry level Street Fighter! Honda unveiled the new CB300F, which will cost around 19,000 yuan
Release date:2022.08.11

Among Honda's newest launches, the big-engine new Wasp 750, is a new FORMIDABLE. At yesterday's launch, Honda unveiled its new entry-level FORMIDABLE, the CB300F.

Honda's new Street Fighter is inspired by the on-sale CB500F; The styling of the new car continues the design of the CB-F series, and the styling of the front and left sides of the vehicle are the same; The front face headlamp shape is the same as CB500F, which adopts the diamond LED light group.

The new CB300F is powered by a four-valve SOHC engine with an actual displacement of 293cc. The maximum power and torque of the oil-cooled engine are smaller than those of the available CB300R, which are 18kW @ 7500rpm and 25.6n ·m@5500 RPM, respectively. Auxiliary control has a sliding clutch.

Honda's entry-level Streetfighter features a USD inverted front fork and a five-stage adjustable rear shock absorber. Brake front 276mm single disc, 220mm single disc with dual channel ABS; The new car also has Honda's HSTC tracking control system.


The new CB300F has smaller 17-inch alloy wheels and LCD digital gauges that display range, gears and more. The premium version of Street Fighter also comes with a smart voice control system and USB charging port.

Honda's new car will be available in three colors: sport red, metallic blue and matte black. The CB300F will cost 226,000 rupees (about 19,200 yuan) in India, with the premium version costing about 300 yuan more.

Honda's new entry-level car may have the name "Street Fighter," but it's built in the Honda-style middle of the road, with an air-oil cooled engine that's less powerful than the 250 sold domestically. Whether the new Little Street Fighter will be introduced to replace the faded 190 series will be revealed later