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Within a 500 cc! Triumph new small displacement real car exposure
Release date:2022.08.11

There has been little news of Triumph's small engine model since its last public road test, but with the Milan motor Show just around the corner, the British manufacturer is finally getting a firm idea of what it will launch.

MCN has recently captured a promotional photo of Triumph's new small-engine car. According to the released photos, the new car has completed the final test, and the final shape of the new car is similar to the T100 on sale, with the exterior design of the Bonneville series.

This small displacement new car has round LED headlights, front shock absorption is USD inverted front fork, braking system is composed of front and rear single disc brake +ABS; Its rearview mirror does not use the same traditional shape as the big brothers, but chose a more stylish handlebar design.


The rear of the new car is a little different from the previous exposure, the rear armrest is more coordinated than the test model, and the license plate frame is also smaller; The tire section of the new car is made up of alloy rims and sporty MRF 17-inch tires.

Triumph's new car is painted in a flattering matte black, the exhaust is visually smaller, and the sturdy exhaust tail hides the tiny rocker arm at the rear. As for the specific displacement of this new car, can confirm at present is below 500cc.

The new small displacement model of Triumph will be released soon after this exposure. What displacement level will the new car be