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Maintenance tips for motorcycle parts
Release date:2022.08.25

First, gear oil

In addition to oil, scooter and a very important oil - gear oil, straddle (gear) motorcycle by oil lubrication for the gearbox, and pedal is different, using gear oil lubrication for the gearbox. (The same as the car gearbox oil, but the car maintenance cycle is long, the motorcycle is short)

Gear oil mainly depends on the gearbox lubrication in the gearbox, because it does not participate in high temperature work, so the low temperature fluidity is stronger, but also slightly longer than the oil mileage.

Also usually is API level, from low to high divided into GL.1, GI. 2. GL 1 3, GL 1 4, GL 1 5, GL 1 6 Six levels; According to the SAE viscosity classification, the viscosity from low to high is divided into six levels: 75W, 80W, 85W, 90, 140, 250.

Usually add GL-4 or GL.5 80W/90 gear oil can be.

Replacement cycle: 5K km/half a year, also adjust according to the road conditions, etc., the irritable bike will be changed in advance.

Two, oil filter element

Oil filter element referred to as machine filter, the main function is to adsorption, filter oil in the iron filings and other impurities, to avoid its re-entry into the engine to participate in friction caused by wear.

The DESIGN OF DIFFERENT MANUFACTURERS IS different, HAVE A design into a single, have a design into a suit, but the function is basically the same.

Replacement cycle: Generally with the oil replacement at the same time, about 5K km/half a year.

It should be noted here that the machine filter can not be reused. Most of the oil filter elements are paper filter elements. Long-term use is easy to lead to inadequate filtration, which is what we call the breakdown rate, resulting in excessive wear of the engine caused by iron filings into the engine.

Three, air filter element

The air filter element is also called the air filter, the main function is to filter the impurities in the engine intake, just like putting a mask on the engine to filter out the particles in the air.

Image KTM 390 DUKE air filter

The picture

Gwangyang KYMCO Thunder King 180 air filter

Replacement cycle: generally 5-7K km, depending on the local air quality, for example, the daily maintenance cycle in the desert and in the city cycling is different.

Straddle (gear) motorcycle due to the maintenance cycle is long, follow the oil, machine filter maintenance together.

Pedal motorcycle is usually 2 times oil 1 time air filter maintenance.

It is also important to note that many people choose to use an air gun to increase the maintenance cycle, but it is also not possible. After all, usually our paper filter element will be broken down, leading to a decrease in the filtration effect.

Four, chain, tooth disc, drive shaft

1. The chain

Usually if the bicycle chain is too long, it is easy to lose the chain, the same is true for motorcycles, but the danger of motorcycle chain is great. Motorcycle chains, in particular, are often subjected to high torque, so they are more likely to stretch.

This is called "chain stretching". It is not the stretching of the inner and outer links, but the friction between the pins and the rollers that creates the gap between the shaft match and the inner pins. The gap is longer, so the "chain is longer".

Even if there is only 0.1mm wear in 1 strand order, at 100 strand orders: 0.1mm x 100 = 1cm, it will be stretched by 1cm.

Maintenance cycle: generally there is no prescribed time, usually keep the tightness in the upper and lower 15-20mm is appropriate, not too tight.

Take Honda CB300R as an example, loosen the big screw (blue) first, then adjust the small screw (red). If you want to know more, you can leave a comment in the comment section, and I can make a video for you.

It should also be noted that if the rear wheel hits, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the front and rear teeth disc and chain are at the same level. If they run off, please timely repair.

2. Change the chain

That's right! Chains are consumables, so they need to be replaced. Due to the wear and tear of the chain for a long time, there will be stress generated by the force, so the chain that is not replaced for a long time may break off on a big throttle that day.

Replacement cycle: Usually, when the oil seal chain is well prepared, it will be replaced about 2w kilometers, and the oil seal chain will be replaced about 5k kilometers (this is preset by the manufacturer for reference only, and the specific instruction shall prevail).

3, the tooth plate

Dental disc is also a part we often contact, excessive wear is also prone to danger. For example, like the picture below, it is easy to lose the chain when it is worn into this shape.

Replacement cycle: 2-5W km, depending on the situation.

The chain and the front and rear transmission gears are recommended to be replaced together. Otherwise, the gap will be too large and the life of the new parts will be shortened.

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