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Good performance, appearance to cool! How to choose a streetcar within ten thousand yuan?
Release date:2022.08.30

It is also important for most riders to choose a motorcycle that suits them, especially for entry-level models. The entry-level motorcycles that new riders focus on are not too large, often in the 125CC to 250CC range, the price is relatively affordable, the model selection is not too difficult.

From the related data, the domestic motorcycle market is mainly concentrated in the 125 cc to 150 cc level, in the face of these small scooter mainly based on walking, commuter bike USES work is given priority to, especially in the current increasingly serious traffic environment, motorcycle rely on small and flexible manipulation of the widely recognised, especially in some rural areas, The mainstream of motorcycles is still small displacement models.

There are many choices for motorcycles. For most of the riders in the series of models, what are the cars within ten thousand yuan? The main appeal to choose some cool appearance of small displacement streetcars, after all, everyone's pursuit is different, recommend the following models for your reference.

Deluxe DF150 guide price: 9,580 yuan

From the domestic brand Haojou is also the main force of small displacement car brand, the main line of the people, especially in the 125 and 150CC class of models, Haojou reputation is also a leading player in the domestic motorcycle industry. Streetcars with small displacement are generally designed in place, such as the DF150 from Haojue is also one of the more characteristic models in appearance design. The air-cooled single-cylinder engine has a displacement of 150CC, a maximum horsepower of 12.4ps, and a maximum power of 9.1kW. The engine is designed for the international 5th gear, with a height of 760MM. It is also a very good choice for daily cycling and commuting.


New Continent Honda CBF150 guide price: 7,580 yuan - 8,980 yuan

New Continent Honda CBF150, a joint venture brand from China, is also an entry level street car. The design of this street car is more in line with the public aesthetic, and the motorcycle friends who pursue cool will also consider this type of car. CBF150 engine technology from Honda design, is only a domestic OEM production, domestic mainstream Honda 150 engine is mostly adopted this model, the maximum horsepower is 12PS, the maximum power is 8.8KW, the maximum torque is 12.1N.M.

Wuyang Honda Shrew 150 guide price: 7980 yuan

From the domestic first-line brand wh joint, the welding shadow in front of a 150 is an entry-level, from this kind of use a joint brand air-cooled engine of 150 cc streetcar, comprehensive strength in practical small-engine cars flow,, after all, from the perspective of the statistical performance of related the engine on the energy saving of wh is more outstanding, although 150 cc, But it has a maximum horsepower of 11PS and a maximum power of 8.2kW.

The above several cars are street models of small displacement entry-level models, the price is within ten thousand yuan, of course, the pursuit of different, the corresponding choice will be different, like friends can refer to it.

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