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Car review: TRK 702, have "face" big man!
Release date:2022.08.30

Visual Design:

The overall shape of the new TRK702 is the same as that of the previous TRK502 in terms of lines, temperament and physique. It is mainly reflected in the relatively strong areas such as the fuel tank and engine, with the characteristics of family.

But in some details, the new TRK702 is still a little different, the tank will be extended forward line will be more smooth, the front of the new car has a very strong sense of the whole, it is a pity that the bottom design should match the center of gravity and part of the function test, the unity is a little weak

The headlights of the new car did not use 502 that protruding shape, but a more textured flat design, at the same time there is a sense of design with a lamp eyebrow; Side coverings, windshields, strong beaks and a wider body make the new car more visually impressive

The silver alloy handguards in the handlebar position, the sturdy front shock absorption and the silver color match also enhance the sense of power of this model

The exhaust follows the 502 shape and placement mode, which leads to a structure with asymmetric shape of the two side boxes. The rear armrest of the new car is changed into an independent design, and the backward and upward extension of the shape looks more powerful


Configuration parameters:

Engine: 693cc inline twin engine

Maximum power: 56kW (76ps) /8750 RPM

Maximum torque: 68.2N·m/ 6250 RPM

Ground clearance: 190mm

Weight: 220kg

Sitting height: 795 mm

The wheelbase: 1500 mm

Tank capacity: 20L

Although the frame is the same as the 502, it has been optimized and upgraded in terms of details and strength. The suspension system adopts the front KYB inverted front fork (fully adjustable pre-load compression damping), and the rear KYB central shock absorber (adjustable pre-load).

Brake system consists of front Brembo opposite four-piston caliper + double floating disc, and Brembo straight up pump, rear brake is Brembo opposite two-piston caliper with single disc; The auxiliary brake also has the Bosch ABS

The standard version is 17 inch aluminum alloy wheels, front wheel width is 120, rear wheel width is 160, tire for Pirelli Angle GT road trip tire, but also equipped with some practical functions, handlebar heating, seat heating, tire pressure detection, driving record, factory also with the front car guard

The new car also has two power modes, divided into normal mode and power mode

Riding Experience:

First of all, the biggest feeling is that as long as the car is rolled out to where, there will be onlookers, "this car has more than one hundred thousand, it is too beautiful, even the passing cleaning aunt can not help but look at a few eyes", so the appearance of this car, you see from all angles, have a similar temperament as the big water bird

The 795mm vehicle is also friendly to sit high, 175cm height to sit on the two front feet can land on the ground, the riding triangle is also comfortable, can ensure the upper body upright, relaxed legs, standing can also be upright naturally, more suitable for long-distance motorcycle travel

The center of gravity of the vehicle is at the bottom of the seat, and our visual feeling is not the same. The advantage is that the front and rear wheels are relatively more average, so even if the vehicle is heavier, the center of gravity will be more stable

This road version of the car on the non-paved road driving experience is also good, low torque output and center of gravity matching are OK, so on the non-paved road in various movements will still have enough confidence. However, due to the weight of the body and the fact that the road tires don't grip as well in the wild, if you want to play wild on non-paved roads, you need to change to the X version (702X).

The idle speed of this winter is 1500 turn, the situation that CAN HAVE DRAG file within 2000 turn, RIDE IN this speed interval NEED TO TAKE a BIT clutch, WENT UP after 2000 turn Z loves the smooth degree of the first 3 STALLS or OK, this car is IN the tolerance degree of low GRADE POSITION and torque distribution still meet the demand of ADV model

In fourth gear, you can cruise at 2000 RPM, and the drag is not severe, but if you fuel hard at this point, the revs don't increase too much. When ROTATING SPEED GOES UP TO 5000~9000 TURN, HIS TORSION CAN COME VERY DIRECT, BUT AS A RESULT OF THE REASON SUCH AS THE SITTING POSITION OF ADV MODEL, THE ACCELERATION FEELING THAT BRINGS CAN BE A BIT WEAKER

In addition, in the middle and high rotation range, the body will have some vibration, fortunately, the vibration is well controlled, and there is no obvious discomfort

We guess the situation in the closed road is: the first gear can run to 90, second 120, third 140, fourth 170; This power reserve is more than enough for daily cycling or motorcycle travel.

Although the torque adjustment of TRK 702 in low gear is better, it also brings some negative effects. When the oil is returned in low gear, the feeling of frustration will be more obvious

The clutch force of the new car is moderate, the gear is relatively clear, the front section of the front brake is more linear, the back section will be more direct; The car's rear brake in the center of gravity in the rear of the model performance is more obvious, but the pedal travel is a little longer.

The shock absorber of TRK 702 performs well in unusual daily travel. The road filtering effect and comfort of the front shock absorber are good, and there is a calm feeling when passing the non-paved road or pothole road. The default preloading point of the rear shock absorber is soft, and the support performance in the actual riding is also OK.


It is time for us to make a summary, TRK502 sold for five years, it is the more successful model in the domestic ADV, but in these five years, there are also more models on the market in succession, Kaiyue, Wuji, Zongshen, Honda, 400CC - 500CC this interval has been fully competitive, the market is also a little tired

However, there are few such popular models above 500cc. Even though it was difficult to find a car after the release of Spring Breeze 800MT, the biggest part of people who want to buy this displacement range did not step on the psychology

The biggest success of TRK series comes from its early entry into the exploration rally market, which has market dividends. At the same time, the appearance design is also relatively successful. The tall and powerful body is in line with the aesthetics of most car users

On the new 702, Benali continued and optimized the design, upgraded the power and configuration accordingly, and improved the control. If Benali did a better job in the subsequent quality control and after-sales, this new car still has a good chance

So who is this car for? Before if you ride is 250-500 cc car, riding by various cart handsome wham grass already a long time, but cost anywhere from two hundred thousand to buy motorcycle to be outside the scope of your choice, you want to ride a car in front of family and friends face, long run the ride comfort, and power control to average, so the TRK 702 you can have a try
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