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Enhanced electronic control, Guangyang new AK 550 released, priced at about 86,000 yuan
Release date:2022.08.30

Guangyang's flagship pedal, the AK550, has been a strong presence in the big Sheep market since its release in 2016. After officials showed an updated version of the big pedal at the end of last year, it was finally released in Taiwan Province.

Light big sheep named AK 550 Premium, where the new car from design to the configuration has been optimized, the vehicle outside the lines from a more aggressive line to the modelling of relatively steady convergence, front part adopts multi-layer floating type design, day light brow article by light instead of lamp bead, tie-in crystal diamond built-in bring more detailed textures.

The main external change for the new AK 550 is the use of electrically adjustable windshields, which can be adjusted for individual needs and different riding conditions in the Premium model. The operation is also relatively convenient. The height of the goggles can be adjusted by the switch of the left handle. The minimum and maximum gap can reach 85mm.

The AK 550 Premium's electric control system is another key upgrade. Kwang Yang and BOSCH have developed a corner ABS system, AIBS, which allows drivers to maximize dynamics during emergency braking in corners, making riding more intuitive and safer.

In addition to the AIBS, the AK 550 Premium is equipped with the new Bosch 9.1MP ABS, which is equipped with brake pressure sensors to provide optimal feedback when the ABS is in motion.

The AK 550 Premium is also equipped with a cruise line that can start at 45km/h. The setting mechanism is the same as the mainstream one, which is adjusted at 2km/h by the +/- button of the handlebar switch and deactivated by a tap of the brake.


Premium version also added some features, the button on the handle switch has become more abundant, the right handle switch is equipped with engine off switch, Noodle switch and function button, instrument function switch, warning light and electric hair function compound switch.

The left handle switch has the heating handle switch, the power mode selection key, the headlight mode switch, the fixed speed system control switch, the near and far light (composite overlight) switch, the direction light switch, the air mirror height adjustment button, the horn button.

The front of the AK 550 Premium does not have two sides of storage space like the old model. The new AK 550 Premium only has a storage space on the right side with a 5V/2A USB charging port.

While the new seat is still a one-piece design with a backrest that moves back and forth in the middle, the new seat's fabric is a little more detailed, with a more textured carbon fiber-like embossed leather on the sides. The bucket space remains the same, it can still hold a full helmet + a half helmet.

The power part of the AK 550 Premium is unchanged, with a 550.4 cc water-cooled inline twin DOHC engine that delivers 52N·m torque and 51ps horsepower. It also features a unique PTM suspension system.

The braking system consists of a front Brembo radial four-piston caliper +270mm floating disc and a rear unidirectional single-piston caliper +260mm fixed disc.

The new AK 550 Premium comes in three colors: Serenity blue, matte brown and glossy black. The new car will be sold for 3.76 million new Taiwan dollars (86,000 RMB), the same price as 88,000 in China, and there will be a limited number of 550 units this year.

(Text and pictures from locomotive network, intrusions)