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20000? Domestic 300CC cruise new car will be on the market, equipped with traffic recorder, ABS
Release date:2022.08.30
Lifan's Paifang motorcycle a few days ago announced the new sport pedal information, and today disclosed another cruise new car information, for the new car to do the market warm-up also incidentally revealed that the price will be 2.XX million.

This new car of Paifang is equipped with a V-shaped two-cylinder engine with an actual displacement of 304cc and a maximum power of 23.5kW. The power data of Paifang is in the same level as many competitors. Although the car's low torque is excellent, the official figures are not released.

The configuration of the new car is the same as that of the previous sports pedal. It has a driving recorder, color LCD instrument, and the brake part is known to have a front single disc +ABS. Front damping is normal; The seat height of the new car is 695mm, which can meet the needs of most motorists.

Lifan Party V cylinder cruising tank capacity is 15L, the official said can provide at least 450 kilometers of endurance, storage space is 20+40L, this capacity should be added to the tail box; Unfortunately, the weight of the vehicle was not disclosed.


The appearance design of the new cruise vehicle named Starship 3 by Paifang is quite different from the current mainstream cruise models. The vehicle adopts a large number of geometric lines and does not have the traditional muscle sense. The appearance looks more like a recreational vehicle.

Such a 300CC level of cruise + leisure compound model, in the driving side will give people what control experience really curious ~

(Text and pictures from locomotive network, intrusions)