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31,000 to 33,000? The 3sec 550 is officially available
Release date:2022.08.30

Qian Jiang's blockbuster new sports car this year, the Race 550, is finally on the market after its last appearance on the track. Yesterday, QJMOTOR officially released the news that the new 3-second club car will be launched.

The real car shape of the new race 550 is basically the same as the rendering diagram in the previous publicity. The triangular big light set of the front face of the race 600 is also angular, with a faint shadow of a red Italian manufacturer; The side of the body has a lot more detail design, a stronger sense of hierarchy, but also with the mainstream fixed wing.

The 550, like the previous 400, remains the same two-by-two, one-by-one design, with two-disc Brembo calipers for the front brake system and a single rocker arm for the rear of the frame, which is highly horizontal and popular with many drivers.

QJMOTOR's new middleweight sports car is currently known to come in two different color schemes. In the two official colors revealed, the orange and black version is paired with a shiny gold inverted front fork, while the silver and black version has a slightly more low-key silver front fork, which may be the difference between the high and low configuration versions.


The engine and configuration of this car are only part of the previously disclosed information, it is worth expecting the price of this middleweight sports car, according to the official display of power, torque, part of the data comparison source of this new car seems to be the race 350, the price of the following solution is also shown to increase 200 displacement.

According TO THE PRICE OF THE RACE 350 28999, THE price INCREMENT OF the NEW RACE 550 is expected to be between 3000~5000 YUAN, AND THE price range OF THE RACE 550 should be 31999~33999 YUAN.

If this price will roll their own words, it is not necessary to worry, after all, Qian Jiang himself rolled himself is not the first time, the previous 29,999 yuan MATCH 400 match 350 pressed on the ground repeatedly friction, the new match 550 to roll again is not strange.

Officials have revealed that the new Race 550 will be released in mid-September. What surprises will QJMOTOR bring

(Text and pictures from locomotive network, intrusions)