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Qianjiang "Sai 550" is really coming!
Release date:2022.09.06

Qianjiang QJMOTOR continues to promote the Race 550 ahead of its launch, saying it is "one step closer" and revealing some details of the new car and a blind date (Sept. 6). The theme, however, seized on the "3-second club" to make a big fuss, claiming that anyone who had booked a car blind could get a new car for free if they guessed two decimal places, chronologically only for one lucky person.

Back to the new car, in this official announcement, the front part of the unicorn light and the original fixed wing; The UI interface of TFT color instrument can be seen on the central control console, the handlebar keys are backlit, and the front shock absorption can be adjusted; Aluminum alloy single rocker arm, blade hub and GST S3 sport tire can be seen at the rear of the car. The previous Brembo calipers, KYB shock absorbers, SUNSTAR discs have also been cashed.


There are also new descriptions of the core powertrain, "thrust-to-weight ratio of 329.1PS/T" and "power to the liter of 81.96 kW," both of which look pretty impressive (thrust-to-weight ratio is horsepower divided by weight, and power to the liter is the ratio of total engine power to total engine displacement), in terms rarely encountered by the average motorist. I guess it's a little harder for the guessing game.

In fact, some offline bricks-and-mortar stores have already arrived, but still leave a bit of suspense for the official announcement. Anyway, the appearance, configuration, details are also announced 7788, see whether the final acceleration performance as described by Qian Jiang, become the first member of the domestic class 3 seconds club.
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