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Less vibration, more power! Kwangyang released a chain version of the KRV180 pedal
Release date:2022.09.06

Pedal market leader Kwang Yang has also made some new moves in the market recently. After unveiling its new flagship Big Sheep AK550, it recently released an interesting entry-level pedal in Taiwan province, the chain version KRV MOTO 180.

As the name suggests, the biggest highlight of this new car is the use of the new chain drive system, it is reported that the replacement of the belt PTM transmission system of the new power system, with more direct, more efficient power transmission, the acceleration of the new car will be more violent.

It is reported that the rear teeth of the new car disc seat and the rear wheel frame adopts a separate design, the rear wheel drum is joined in five groups of common car damping rubber, this set can absorb the teeth disc seat force instant impact damping rubber, can improve the comfort and increase the service life of the ring.

In addition, other rear rocker arm, frame, column structure and other details have been adjusted accordingly, before easy to rub the oil unloading screw increased cover, the front fork is also added to the front fork cover.

The chain version of KRV 180 is under the MOTO series, Gwang Yang's new performance sub-brand, after changing the traditional system. In order to strengthen the performance of the new brand, officials also made some design changes in the appearance of the new car.


Gwangyang this new body side shell added a new design of KRV MOTO LOGO coating, changed to bevel tangent to split the LOGO, visual become sharper.

In addition, the original traditional high plate frame was changed into the model of combining two for one with the rear fender, and the position of the left and right turn light group is also lowered accordingly. Whether this new design model is good-looking depends on one's opinion.

For the power part, KRV MOTO is also equipped with a 175cc water-cooled single-cylinder engine, with a maximum power of 16HP /7500rpm and a maximum torque of 15.68N·m/6000rpm. The power data is basically the same as the previous belt version.

But with a new drivetrain and optimized frame, test drivers report less vibration and less power than before.

The suspension system of the new KRV MOTO is composed of a front submersibling-type shock absorber and a horizontal single-barrel rear shock absorber, and the front and rear brakes are both double-piston calipers. Safety assistance system is also equipped with TCS tracking control, ABS brake system.

Other features include Keyless Keyless systems, highly identifiable LCD meters, and all-car LED lamps. In addition, the seat bucket of the new car can accommodate a full helmet, the weight of the car is 133.5 kg, and the seat height is 795mm.

Although the chain version of the model in the driving experience will be better than the belt traditional model, but its maintenance cost is higher; Guangyang this chain drive pedal is only suitable for pedals who want to ride, do not care about the high maintenance cost, but also want some control experience.

The price of the chain version of Kwangyang KRV MOTO 180 is NT $116,800, which is a little cheaper than the previous belt version of 123,800. The current belt version of KRV 180 starts at NT $27,800 in the mainland, and we will follow up the price of this new chain version of KRV MOTO into the mainland.

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