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The track version of Falcon Suzuki is here
Release date:2022.09.06

Suzuki has confirmed that it will officially retire from MOTO GP racing after the 2022 season, and while this is not good news for the company, Suzuki is not planning to quietly retire from motorcycle racing. Instead, it will use the event as a showcase for the latest MOTO GP Hayabusa.

It is reported that the MOTO GP Hayabusa edition of Suzuki adopts the racing paint of two factory drivers Joan Mir and Alex Rin to make the print change. The number 36 champion Joan Mir's Hayabusa edition features a fluorescent yellow color, while the number 42 Alex Rin version of Suzuki Hayabusa is a bright red color.


Both versions feature fluorescent yellow and red accents on the front of the front face deflector, side deflector, rear of the subframe and hub, and Suzuki's classic silver and blue accents on the rest of the car.

In addition to the print changes, the power optimization of Suzuki's customized version of MOTOGP Hayabusa is another point of concern. The current 188 horsepower of the public upgraded sports car is less than that of other flagship sports cars in the same class.

While a number of third-party manufacturers are making major power enhancements to the land king, it will be interesting to see how Suzuki's official MOTOGP Hayabusa, which does not have a rearview mirror, will be powered.

For ordinary car friends, after the Suzuki MOTO GP edition is transferred to Hayabusa, will the subsequent entry-level models with small displacement also have the opportunity to use these top-class track elements, just like the GSX250 that was previously marketed in China used Suzuki's classic silver and blue racing colors?

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