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No one in your class again? Shengshi new 350E on the market, 30,800 yuan
Release date:2022.09.06

Shengshi Tao general in the official micro announced the new travel pedal -350E listed price, the 30800 yuan of the new car official said will let the car friends looking forward to imported cars to change their minds, in vibration, control, power, comfort and other full range of the same level is hard to find rivals.

In the promotion video of Shengshi new car, the official also only focuses on showing the appearance design of this new car, especially the front LED light group with the effect of blue running lights. In addition, the taillight is also quite bright, and the design of the light group is quite distinctive.

The new 350E in the bright shape design, its overall size is much larger than the 350D on the market before, 1565mm wheelbase with many of the same level of the big pedal is basically the same; After the body is enlarged, the capacity of the seat barrel that can accommodate two full helmets is a more attractive point.

For 2,000 yuan more, officials added heated handlebars, windproof handshields, electric windshields, adjustable directional handlebars, and an enlarged fuel tank from 12L to 16L to the big pedal, which is the main feature of the car for long distance travel.


With the enlarged hull, the new 350E has a reconditioning mass of 203KG, while the latest reconditioning mass of the previous 350D has not been officially disclosed, so there is no official data to compare this part.

The minimum ground clearance of the new car is 155mm higher, the height of the seat is 770mm by 10mm, and the tires are still 120/70-15 before and 140/70-14 after.

Other configuration of the new car is basically the same as 350D, front and rear disc brakes with west mutual caliper brake system, 37mm vertical front fork + double barrel shock absorber suspension system; The safety assistance system only has dual channel ABS.

The same 349cc water-cooled single-cylinder SOHC engine delivers a maximum power of 27kW/7500rpm and a maximum torque of 38N·m/6000rpm with an 11.8:1 compression ratio.

Litres (the range of pedal cars every time when launched its new, officials have said there is a no rival, yet on the market performance is not so return a responsibility, is not able to stand out from the numerous models, now the slogan of the new 350 e or shout loud, whether can win the market, and word of mouth, can only be verified to the time.

What do you think of the new 350E?

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