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The 2023 Feizhi 150 was released, and Yamaha's new car costs about 22,000 yuan
Release date:2022.09.06

Yamaha recently launched the Fazer FZ-15, a 2023 model in Brazil. This entry-level model has undergone design changes and some configuration upgrades in this update. The new car is priced at 16,990 reals (about 22,600 yuan).

The most prominent change of Yamaha's new Feizhi 150 is the new front face design, which is similar to its own MT series models. Compared with the halogen bulbs still in use in the current domestic version, the new modified Feizhi 150 uses the whole car LED light source, headlamps and mainstream eyebrow design.

The instrument of the new car has also been optimized, using a new design of the LCD digital liquid crystal meter, the data display situation is slightly better than the traditional pointer, can display gear, speed, ECO function and time information. Unfortunately, the tank capacity has been reduced from 14L to 11.9L.

The new Fetoli is powered by a 149cc single-cylinder engine, with a 9.6:1 compression ratio that delivers maximum power of 12.2ps/7500rpm and maximum torque of 12.7N·m/6000rpm. The power numbers are pretty much the same as the ones on sale.

The suspension system of the 2023 Feizhi 150 consists of the front vertical fork + the rear central shock absorber, and the front and rear single disc brakes are matched with the front wheel ABS.

The new Feizhi 150 will be available in three different colors: Midnight Black, Racing Blue and Red Magma.


When Yamaha Feizhi 150 was introduced in 2015, it was still a popular model in the entry level market. However, with the continuous transformation of the market and the upgrading of many models, Yamaha failed to keep up with the pace of updating and upgrading overseas versions.

The fourth version of the Fioshi 150 displayed on the official website of Yamaha still uses halogen light source, hand + liquid crystal dial, and even dual cylinder rear shock absorber, front disc and rear drum brake. Compared with the current models of the same level on the market, its configuration is a little behind.

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