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Motorbikes going electric? Honda will have more than 10 models by 2025!
Release date:2022.09.15

Electric cars are on the rise, and motorcycles are going crazy. The world's largest motorcycle maker is going electric.

Honda on September 13 released a global two-wheel (motorcycle) electric strategic target. Honda plans to launch more than 10 motorcycle models globally. Honda plans to make its motorcycle business carbon neutral by 2040, with electric versions accounting for about 15% of its motorcycle sales by 2030. Two-wheeled gasoline cars will be discontinued in the mid-2040s, and new cars will be converted to pure electric (EV) motorcycles. This is the first time that Honda has announced a specific decarbonization strategy for the four-wheel segment, which has proposed to get rid of gasoline cars by 2040. In the huge markets of India and China, local manufacturers are making a big push into pure electric motorcycles.

"Two-wheeler has been profitable in the past while reducing fixed expenses," Honda Vice President Hirohei Takeuchi said. By using manufacturing technology, electric motorcycles can also maintain high profitability."

Honda, the world's largest motorcycle manufacturer, retained the top spot in global motorcycle sales with 16.8 million units sold in 2021. In 2021, motorcycles became the strongest growth segment for Honda -- in 2021, Honda motorcycle sales revenue was 2.18 trillion yen, up 22.3% year on year, 3.3 times that of cars. This time, Honda motorcycle radical electric strategy, will become the global motorcycle industry vane type event.

Said at the event, Honda motorcycle electric is still faced with many problems and challenges in the process, on the one hand, weight, price, is an urgent problem in the electric motorcycle, on the other hand, the demand of electric scooters in the very great degree also encouraged by governments policies, regulations, charging infrastructure development environment the influence of such factors.

The slide, shared by Honda below, shows the Outlines of 11 electric motorcycles, all but the bottom four of which look like mopeds. Most will not be available in North America, Honda said, and will focus on Asian and European markets.


Honda is developing a new "FUN" platform and plans to launch three "large" electric motorcycles in Japan, the United States and Europe between 2024 and 2025. It is also developing a children's bike based on the same powertrain and ruggedizing.

In addition, Honda has pledged to introduce more "flex-fuel" motorcycles that run on E20 and E100 Ethanol-based fuels in 2023 and 2025 to make them more environmentally friendly.

In particular, Honda says it is developing all-solid-state batteries for electric motorcycles. As we all know, solid-state batteries are much higher than lithium batteries in terms of safety, stability, energy density and charging and discharging speed. Honda motorcycle equipped with solid state battery, will have epoch-making significance.

The battery is crucial to the popularization of electric motorcycles. And "switching" becomes what Honda thinks is the most feasible way.

In Europe, HONDA signed a letter of intent with KTM, YAMAHA, and PIAGGIO in March last year, announcing the launch of a Swappable Motorcycle Consortium (SBMC) battery swapping solution.

In the face of Honda's active electrification in the motorcycle field, some domestic netizens joked: Honda is a little late to compete with Emma and Yadi, isn't it? Of course, Honda, the world's largest manufacturer of motorcycles, is electrifying motorcycles, not two-wheelers.

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