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Honda releases 2023 X-ADV, Forza 750, NC750X and NT1100, updated...
Release date:2022.09.15

Honda, which recently unveiled the new 750 series, was the first to unveil 2023 new models for several other models in the same engine class, including X-ADV, Forza 750 (NSS 750), NC 750X and the more powerful NT 1100, which was recently launched in China.

The 2023 crossover pedal X-ADV adds a sharp Shasta White color scheme, and a large X-ADV LOGO is added to the side of the newly painted body, providing a strong black and White contrast between the front and back. The new car retains its previous black and gray colors in this update.

The new car features the same 745cc twin-cylinder engine and DCT transmission with a maximum power of 43.1kW/6750rpm, and the front and rear wire-spoke rims are still eye-catching. The domestic selling price of cash X-ADV is 161,900 yuan.

The new Forza 750

The new Fosa 750 adds two new finishes, Mat Ballistic Black Metallic in matte Black and Iridium Grey Metallic in Grey, which continue with the Black base finish.

The matte Blue Mat Jeans Blue Metallic and Pearl Glare White, the White version not available in China, have survived. The existing red version in China is expected to be discontinued among the 2023 models. The price of this car starts from 157,900 yuan.


2023 NC750 X

The new NC750X, which is available in four different livery versions in the 2023 update, added Mat Jeans Blue Metallic and Pearl Deep Mud Gray.

The white version of the flower currently sold in China has disappeared, while the original black and red coating has been retained in this update.

The engine parameters of the car are basically the same as those of the two pedal models, but the weight and fuel consumption are slightly lower. Domestic starting prices are also much cheaper, with the MT version of NC 750X priced at 103,800 yuan and the DCT version at 113,800 yuan.

Among the 2023 models released this time, Honda also launched a new flagship SUV -NT 1100. In this new version of the flower update, this sports SUV does not have multiple livery like other models; Instead, in addition to the original matte iridium gray metal and pearl glare white, a new coating of bronze black metal is added.

The non-identical model is currently priced at 199,000 yuan in China.

These models released by Honda this time just do the regular version update, configuration parts are not optimized changes, the new paint is expected to be soon after the release of the domestic market ~