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980mm high, Kaiyue hard send 450Rally officially listed, 43,800 yuan
Release date:2022.09.15

The company yesterday finally unveiled the 450Rally, its long-touted hard drive rally car. The new car comes in two different configurations: civilian and professional racing. The race-only version will cost 76,800 yuan, while the licensed civilian version will cost 43,800 yuan.

Excelle this hard pull, hard in terms of frame design, and directly reflect high, before and after the new car before and after the tank used in Dakar type main type tank design, and competitive version of the hit 31 l capacity, although civilian version of the model is the standard of 15 l before the fuel tank, but also retain the auxiliary frame drop tank hardware configuration, the later can reach 31 l add some accessories.

This new car's hard performance, and the height of the new car or the average driver is difficult to drive the 980mm, but there is also a lower version of the 910mm version, the latter 170cm can be on the toes of the ground, this seat should not be a problem for veterans or familiar with this type of car.

Below this height, the Kaiyue 450 Rally also delivers a very good ground clearance, with a low base clearance of 260mm and a front and back travel of 260mm and 250mm respectively. It is equipped with a shock package developed in collaboration with Yu An Depth. Front damping preload, compression damping, rebound damping are adjustable, rear middle multi-link damping.

The 980mm high version has 310mm ground clearance, the inverted front fork has 305mm travel, and the rear damping has 300mm travel.

The 450Rally engine is powered by the Zongshen NC450, a 449cc single-cylinder water-cooled four-valve engine with a maximum power of 38kW/9500rpm and a maximum torque of 40n.m /7000rpm(40kW, 42n.m for the competitive version).

A carbon fiber plate is added under the engine, and the cover parts of the whole car are easy to disassemble and install quick removable screws. The dry weight of the vehicle is 145kg.

The braking system of the car is composed of front single disc brake + sunclear one-way double piston caliper followed by single disc disc + one-way single piston caliper, auxiliary system can be fully closed or only closed rear wheel Saif ABS; Tire specifications for the front 90/90-21, 140/80-18 after the hard combination, the original factory equipped with CST turtle tire.

In addition, the 33,000 yuan more expensive competitive model has a full-length titanium exhaust, KYB front and rear shock absorption, SCOTT directional damper, carbon fiber tension head, road book box, tension meter and heading device.

With a starting price of 43,800 yuan, what do you think of Kaiyue's hard-core 450 Rally?

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