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Motorcycle maintenance have those items?
Release date:2022.09.22

Motorcycle maintenance needs to change the oil, oil filter, spark plug, air filter, chain maintenance, replacement of gear oil (scooter), coolant, brake fluid, etc.

1, oil

Oil is called the blood of the engine. If there is no oil in the engine, the engine will not run properly. When the engine is running, the oil will form an oil film on the surface of various parts in the engine, which can prevent the direct contact of various parts in the engine to produce friction. If the parts of the engine come into direct contact with each other to create friction, the engine will instantly generate a lot of heat, which is fatal to the engine. The oil in the engine not only plays the role of lubrication, but also plays the role of cleaning, sealing, cushioning, rust prevention and heat dissipation. The performance of the oil will decline after a long time of use, so the oil needs to be replaced regularly. If the oil is not changed for a long time, it will aggravate the engine wear and tear. When you use the car, change the oil on time. Some models do not have oil filter, but there will be a filter, maintenance must be cleaned up the filter, organic filter to change the machine filter.

2. Spark plug

There are many types of spark plugs. Usually, the nickel spark plugs are replaced about 20,000 ~ 30,000 kilometers, the platinum spark plugs must be replaced after driving 40,000-50,000 kilometers, and the Iridium spark plugs are more resistant to wear and tear, and they need to be replaced after driving 100,000 kilometers, but they need to be cleaned every 5,000 kilometers. If the wear is serious, it is recommended to shorten the replacement period. If the spark plug is black, it indicates that the engine has a serious underburn, which indicates that fuel consumption has increased and power has decreased. If the spark plug color is white is not normal, it indicates that the combustion state of the engine is very abnormal, and the engine also has high temperature, and sometimes there will be violent shock.


3. Air filter element

The air filter element is a key link in the energy of the combustion chamber. If the wind blowing in is dirty or the wind is not smooth, it will lead to the unstable and timely work of the cylinder. At the same time, it will affect the power, increase the fuel consumption, increase the vibration and noise of the car. 1. When the air filter element is dirty, the effect of filtering air is not good, which makes the valve dirty, affects the fuel efficiency and idle speed instability; 2. The main role of the air filter is to filter out the miscellaneous Zhi, solid particles and so on in the air into the engine cylinder, so that the engine combustion environment is better. Generally, it needs to be replaced only after 15,000 kilometers. It can also be replaced according to the situation at each time of maintenance.

4. Gear oil (scooter)

Generally only pedal type of gear oil, gear oil unlike oil, do not need to be frequently replaced. Different brand models of motorcycle, gear oil replacement cycle requirements are not the same, generally every 6000-10000 kilometers for a change. Or replace it according to the maintenance manual.

5. Chain maintenance

chain maintenance can be carried out at the time of washing the car, cleaning the chain when cleaning, cleaning can be brushed on the chain special lubricating oil; 2, if you need to replace the chain, to buy motorcycle chain to have quality assurance, try to choose the original factory parts. 3. Check the tightness of the chain. Generally, there will be marks on the rear swing arm of the vehicle.

6. Maintenance of brake system

regularly check the thickness of brake pads, timely understanding of wear; 2, brake abnormal sound must check whether the brake pad is excessive wear; 3. Check whether the position of brake oil is lower than the lowest mark line. If it is lower, it needs to be added in time; 4. The replacement cycle of brake oil is about two years. Long-term non-replacement will lead to the weakening of brake force; 5. The replacement cycle of the brake pad is not fixed, and it is necessary to judge whether it needs to be replaced according to the wear situation.

7. Coolant (liquid-cooled engine)

Motorcycle cooling methods are: air cooling, liquid cooling, some models will be oil air oil cooling, coolant to ensure that the engine can work at the right temperature, if the coolant is too little will lead to high engine temperature. It also protects the vehicle engine in winter. It is not recommended to use water instead of coolant. Water will produce scale, block circulating pipelines, and corrosion of engine oil, while antifreeze has anti-corrosion, high boiling point, anti-scale, anti-freeze and other functions.

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