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Domestic public upgrade ADV exposure, V cylinder 1200cc
Release date:2022.09.22

Another domestic public upgrade new car, recently motorcycle Molini applied for a 1200 adventure model of the patent information. It is worth noting that the new adventure car is equipped with a V-shaped two-cylinder engine.

Instead of the traditional and tired bird-bill design, the Chinese version of the updated Adventure follows the Motomolini X-Cape's similar front face design, with a slightly aggressive V-shaped headlight.

The front and rear spoke hubs, the long-stroke suspension system, and the protective shell on the underside of the engine all show that this model is an ADV model with a wild-environment bent; The tire specs seem to be a mix of the front 19 and the back 17.

The seat design OF the new car is not so flat as the hard model, however a little depression in the middle, this should be to consider the domestic market to the high seat high problem of this kind of ADV model, the design of depression is helpful to reduce the seat high.


The 1200 ADV's braking system consists of front two-disc brakes plus opposite four-piston calipers followed by rear single-disc brakes. Under this braking power, Molini's new car is expected to be equipped with the old 1187cc V-twin engine, which has a maximum horsepower of 120 and a maximum torque of 102N·m.

The fuel tank also stands out from the top view of the patent information, and judging by the 27-L fuel tank of Molini's old Granpasso 1200, this newly designed adventure should not disappoint in the range department.

The specs of the MotorMolini's upgraded Adventure are yet to be revealed, but we'll keep track of how many of the Ohlins shock absorbers, Mazucci shock absorbers, and Brembo calipers will be available in the Granpasso 1200.

At present domestic public upgrade adventure model is still in blank state, the new 1200 ADV that motorcycle Molinyi exposes this is in this market opened an introduction. Of course, this new car exactly how, whether can eat crab, let us wait and see ~

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