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How long is the maintenance cycle of motorcycle parts?
Release date:2022.09.22

/ Brake pads /

Cycle: about 30,000km

The relationship between the good and bad of the brake pad car and people's safety, can not be ignored. The brake pads are used to rub against the brake discs, thereby slowing the car to a stop. Friction means loss, and for a braking system, brake pads wear the fastest.

The front brake pad of the disc brake motorcycle, it is best to check and replace the brake pad at about 15,000 kilometers, and the rear brake pad is replaced every 30,000 kilometers. If you ride the brake vigorously, the brake pad is worn faster, then the front brake pad needs to be replaced about 10,000 kilometers.

The above cycle is just a reference, because the habit of driving different use conditions will be different, we need to check the use of brake pads regularly. It is best to check the brake pad every 5000 kilometers. The thickness of the new brake pad is generally about 8-10mm. When the brake pad has been clearly reduced by about 2/3 of the thickness, it needs to be replaced. In addition, the brake disc is more wear-resistant than the brake pad. Generally, when the brake pad is replaced 2-3 times, the brake disc needs to be replaced once.

/ Storage battery /

Cycle: 30,000km, or 2-3 years

The battery must be maintained carefully to prevent breakage. If the electrolyte is found to leak out, it should be cleaned in time to avoid corrosion of the surrounding parts. The original battery of a new car can be used for more than 3 years, if it has been used for about 2 years, you need to start paying attention to observation, and be ready to replace at any time.

/ Spark plug /

Period: according to the material

According to the different spark plug material, the type of spark plug can be divided into: ordinary copper core, yttrium gold, platinum, Iridium gold, platinum iridium alloy spark plug and so on.

Nickel spark plug, generally in about 30,000 kilometers need to be replaced, do not insist on using; Platinum spark plug, preferably in the driving 40,000-50,000km replacement, of course, if the wear is great, to replace as soon as possible; Iridium spark plug, the material is more resistant to wear, driving 80,000 to 100,000 kilometers before replacement is also possible;

/ tire /

The cycle is 20,000 kilometers

Tire is the most easily worn out part of all parts of the motorcycle, if not replaced in time, it is easy to cause an accident. Especially when running on the fast road or mountain road, there are great safety risks. The tire replacement cycle is generally 20 thousand kilometers, if it is hot melt or semi-hot melt material, it is best to replace about 15 thousand kilometers. When the tread has reached the wear indication mark, it needs to be replaced. Riders pay attention to driving as smooth as possible to prolong the life of the tires.


/ Drive belt and tooth disc chain /

Cycle: Belt 50,000km or 4 years

The tooth disc chain is 2 years and 20,000 kilometers

Because the transmission belt is continuously variable transmission, the impact force is relatively small, so the replacement cycle is longer, because the tooth disc chain is used by the gear car, the impact and wear are relatively large, so the replacement cycle is shorter.

/ Air filter element /

Period: It depends

The air filter is like the mask we use. The engine needs a lot of air to burn the gasoline completely. The function of the air filter element is to filter the air supplied to the engine before entering the combustion chamber, remove the dust, sand and other impurities in the air, ensure that the air entering the cylinder block combustion chamber is clean, but also to ensure that the intake is smooth.

Limited by the environment, there is no specific replacement time for the air filter element! If riding in urban areas, it can be changed for 5000 km (depending on the situation). If it is a perennial field work or a place with large wind and sand, the replacement period should be shortened.

/ Oil, gear oil /

It depends

When replacing, the quality of oil is mineral oil or synthetic oil. Mineral oil needs to be replaced at about 3000 kilometers, and synthetic oil needs to be replaced at about 5000 kilometers. The replacement cycle of the externally mounted gasoline filter is 10,000-20,000 kilometers, and the integrated oil pump is recommended to be replaced at 60,000 kilometers. Gear oil every general drive 5000 kilometers to replace once.

/ Brake fluid /

Cycle time: 50,000 kilometers, or 2 years

It is in actual use that we still need to carry out regular inspection according to the actual use environment to check whether oxidation and deterioration of brake fluid occur.

Different types and brands of brake fluid should not be mixed. Due to the different formulations, the mixed use of brake fluid will cause the performance index of brake fluid to decline or chemical reactions, leading to accidents.

Brake fluid inhalation of water or impurities, should be replaced in time or filtered, otherwise it will cause insufficient brake pressure, affect the braking effect, especially in the south of the wet area owners need to pay more attention to this.

When the vehicle runs normally for more than 2 years or 50,000 kilometers, the brake fluid is easy to deteriorate due to long use time, so it should be replaced in time. Expired brake fluid will emulsify and deteriorate, and finally cause the braking efficiency to decline or even failure.

In the normal running of the vehicle, if the brake is light or heavy, it is necessary to check the vehicle in time. If the quality of the brake fluid is found to be poor, it should be replaced in time. When stepping on the brake, if the vehicle deviates, it is necessary to timely check the braking system.

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