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400 rr! Honda has a new layout for this engine
Release date:2022.09.28

Honda has just unveiled a revamped and improved entry-level gun, the CBR250RR, but more recently news has emerged from Indonesia, where the new car is being built. Officials are also planning to develop a new version of the cbr-rr series with engines ranging from 300 to 400cc.

With Honda's new CBR250RR currently only available in Asia, the Indonesian motorcycle press asked Andy Wijaya, a senior executive at PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM), Honda's joint venture in Indonesia, if a larger engine model would be introduced internationally.

The response was "We haven't ruled it out [CBR300RR or 400RR] and are ready to move forward. We now also have relevant models for export to Asian countries, so we have the technical support and are ready to enter a larger market if needed."

According to the official response, although not explicitly stated, Honda has plans for the 300-400cc RR sports car; After all, Youcomo's four-cylinder 250 has stolen the thunder and part of the market from the CBR250RR.


It's not surprising that Honda is coping in this regard. With the new four-cylinder ZX-4R coming from Kawasaki, Honda also needs a new benchmark 400CC class model to replace the discontinued four-cylinder model. It's interesting to see what form Honda will introduce next, the new CBR400RR with several cylinders.

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