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42 pieces, 250cc! Honda Super Powerful CBR250RR released
Release date:2022.09.28

The Honda CBR250RR seems to have been a long-forgotten supercar for the entry-level market, but as Honda's recent moves accelerate, the once-popular little steel gun is finally getting an update.

The new CBR250RR is a bit more powerful than the old model. The 249.7cc two-cylinder coupe, which increased its maximum horsepower from 38 to 41 the year before, has an improved cylinder head to improve compression, while key components such as the ECU, cams and valves have also been optimized to increase its maximum horsepower to 42.

There have also been some improvements to the appearance of the new car, with more sharp lines added to the air intakes on the front face, the side and bottom deflectors at the knees optimized with the latest aerodynamics, as well as most of the exterior components such as the upper hood, fuel tank cap and fender.


There is also a slight upgrade, with the inverted front fork being replaced by the sportier SHOWA SFF-BP kit. In addition to the more aggressive styling, the improved aerodynamics are expected to improve the handling of the new CBR250RR.

Although this entry-level supercar of Honda has not been thoroughly and comprehensively upgraded and optimized, the new model upgraded to "CBR250RR SP" still has the top performance of a two-cylinder sports car. The top speed of this car is 175km/h, which is comparable to many 400cc sports cars on the market.

The Honda CBR250RR supercar series is not a hot-selling, middle-of-the-road regular market model, but more like a label work showing Honda's strength; The launch of this model of Honda seems to say to the world, I can play the volume of models, I can play the performance of models ~
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