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No single rocker arm, 800NK mass production styling exposure
Release date:2022.10.19

Recently, Spring Breeze suddenly revealed its new concept street car with large displacement --NK C22. While everyone was expecting when this street car would be officially unveiled, the actual car design was first revealed recently.

According to the disclosed design drawing, the mass production styling of Chunfeng new NK C22 is basically the same as that of the previous concept model. But in some details of the design is also like 450SR, do some adjustments.

The concept model's most prominent single rocker arm design frame and SC double exhaust are missing. The production car uses a more traditional double rocker arm frame, while the exhaust is changed to a high single out model, and the previously unknown fender is installed on the rear rocker arm.


The details of the design are as elegant as CLX700. There are flying wings above the headlights and above the front fenders that can echo. In addition, both sides of the water tank seem to be designed with fixed wings. The line design of the vehicle is still relatively sporty.

The INVERTED front FORK AND REAR central shock absorption are the same as in the concept model, while the front dual-disc brake + radial four-piston calipers are retained on the brakes, and the auxiliary side is equipped with ABS. The first two brand kits are expected to be a combination of West Mutual +KYB.

The power part of Spring Breeze new car should be the LC8c engine of KTM. According to the power of the original model 105hp@9000rpm and the performance of 87N·m@8000rpm, the data of this engine on this street car should not be weak.

What is expected is the Spring Breeze this new car in light weight and electric control can give you what surprises; With the past release pace, the new car should be ready for the fall show, but we'll have to wait and see how the new 800NK does.

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